How do you find singles and/or albums the day they are released?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Whitehouse_Prod, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Having been involved in music for so long it seems like a silly question, but where do you go to find new music the day it is released? When an artist releases a single, how do you know? Is there a convenient place to keep track of this that isn't the radio?

    I'm not even referring to obscure artists or bands that you may have to follow individually, I'm talking about mainstream, top 40 pop, hip-hop, and r&b. Waiting for it to chart means its already been out (most of the time) and sites that highlight brand new music tend to have very narrow focuses.

    As I deal with pop and hip-hop every day, I consider it a mission to stay on top of the latest music, but I find that often I still have associates and friends who, via listening to the radio, have heard tracks before me. Listening to radio to find the newest material is inefficient and time-consuming however, and not really an option from a professional stand point.

    So that's my question- how do you all stay on top of the latest music?

  2. funnyguitarguy

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    usually, I just sign up for the band or artist's newsletter that I like.
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    But these are just the mainstream. The new industry will be the independents.
  4. RemyRAD

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    I don't care about keeping up. I'm a leader not a follower. Go to a radio station and bribe a disc jockey LOL. Offer them cocaine they're used to that. You get most anything you want that way. We used to call it payola. The record companies used to give them cocaine with the new records. Just take your laptop with you and they don't need to give you the record. Take some Coca-Cola with you so people don't get suspicious.

    I don't do cocaine but I like pot a lot.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  5. hueseph

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    They used to say it costs 200 grand for a number one hit. It's probably five times that now. Remy, you should come live up here in BC. I think you'd like it. All of our gardeners are indoors. Not that I condone the use necessarily but I have to admit, I've done my fare share in the past. I suppose you could just grow your own. Marc Emery seems to be enjoying his stay in the US prison system. He seems to be a bit of a celeb there, giving advice I'm sure. Legal and botanical.

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