How do you transition from playing rhythm live (to backtrak) to lead guitar?

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by us95smitty, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. us95smitty

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    As a Garage guitarest I sometimes play to a crowd. I saw Queen's (tie your mother down) video Brian may starts out playing the rhythm then plays the lead But all the while the rhythm keeps playing in the back ground. There is only him and the Bass player. How does he do this?

    Would like to figure this out because it would go a long way for even my home recordings when I write music.

    Thanks guys

    B.T.W. personal thanks to the power heads behind for providing a place for us musicians to listen, talk and learn
  2. TheJackAttack

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    You will need a sequencer. It will be on the floor with your foot pedals and the key will be having perfect rhythm to start because as you layer in the parts they all have to line up.

  3. TheJackAttack

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    currently Billings
  4. us95smitty

    us95smitty Active Member

    Thankyou so very much thejackattack. I appreciate your help. Now to find a good sequencer.
  5. TheJackAttack

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    Also search for "loop pedal." All a loop pedal is, is a sequencer. Check out the second video where he really layers it in. When I saw him live last fall even my jaded classical ears were impressed. He really rocked the house down which didn't come across in those videos IMO. Of course his "backup" band for some of the tunes was a full jazz big band and rhythm section too. The live Zeppelin medley might as well have had Jimmy and Robert there that night. Instead there was Tracy and Alan Vizzutti dueling tunes.
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    A lot of the new live loopers are audio sampling pedals that work like a delay pedal, but you can keep layering parts as the delay repeats. You can tap the tempo with your foot and the pedal truncates the loop when you push the button then keeps repeating it.

    Here's another fine example: KT Tunstall playing live. You can watch her layering in her own drum beat (pounding on her guitar) and tambourine, and background vocals.

    As far as recording at home - just keep playing the rhythm and go back and solo to your hearts content over the rhythm track(s).

    And don't tell anybody, but some famous bands weren't above having some poor guitar-tech or keyboard player hiding in the shadows somewhere.... sssshhh, don't tell anybody - some secretly used tape too. (others very openly used tape)
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    Back in the day they would hire a rhythm guitarist to play back stage. I know this is irrelevant. Just pointing it out.
  8. us95smitty

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    I was wondering about that because of such a smooth seamless transition from rhythm to lead. It seemed almost impossable to do with a pedel. To be honest I was thinking he was using a backtrack (playing same tune higher on the guitar neck) then playing to it in the same key lower on the neck.
  9. DrGonz

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    I sold my Boss RC20 a couple years ago but that was always a fun pedal for freestyle jamming, even w/ the band. Then I just used my Line 6 DL4 for the looping that can be done on that machine. It does not have as long sample times as the RC20 pedal but it is more interesting sounding. Tonight just had a friend over and he just bought the new RC30 and it is really sweet. It has a XLR input and USB capability. All of the boss lineup loop stations have USB even on the dinky regular sized foot pedal one. The RC300 is the huge one that is based on the older RC50 design and those loop stations are pretty rad! I keep looking for some of the older roland space echo models where they actually use tape!! Those are pricey and hard to restore, but if you have the means >>> oh boy!

    Amazingly, tonight I was also working on a broken Boss RC20xl that I just bought to work on, cuz I was bored. Seems like a loopy kind of night if you ask me.

    Edit: Also, a cool story here>>>

    And more fun here >>>

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