how important is a matched pair?

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    hi guys,

    while thinking about ways to slowly built up my studio, i thought about the possibility of buying one mic (for example an akg 451) and use it on it's own until i can afford another for a stereo pair. the problem this will leave me with is that i won't have a matched pair, just two of the same model. is this likely to be a major problem? how closely matched are matched pairs anyway?

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    Not a huge problem.

    Unless you're recording some serious classical works with a major orchestra.

    Most mics are built to such close tolerances nowadays that matching is often not necessary and batches built even a year apart are sonically quite close.

    Furthermore, most applications using a pair of mics (most commonly drum overheads) are quite forgiving of slight mismatches. Again, if you were doing an orchestra or perhaps orchestral percussion or chorus, then you should be fine.

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    Put it this way....I was recording a band and one of my OH's broke half way through the session. The only extra mic I had left was an SM57. Over half of the kit was an SM57 and over the other half was an Oktava MK012.

    Yes, they sounded different, but not uneven or crappy.

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