How is it better? Comp/software v.s. Dig. 8track record

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by leeayling, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. leeayling

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    I know I can get a digital 8 track recorder, say BOSS for about $800 Can. and a decent condenser mic for upwards of $200,and I would have to get a cd burner unit for a few hun more at least.
    But how does it differ from a computer set up built solely for audio recording, mixing?
    What would I get (or need) to build a dedicated box, and how much is software for a decent set-up?
    Of course i would need a mic still (or more) but can i get anything for the 1100 it would cost to get the 8 track/burner?
    I need the basics too here people, I am not really up on lingo. hee hee :cool:

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