How many of you buy the software ?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by swanmusic, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. swanmusic

    swanmusic Guest

    I have Cubase SX3 and I wanted to sell it. Kept it on ebay. I listed my auction 2 times, each time for 7 days! Both times the price didn't meet my reserve price of around $400 which is close to half of retail. What is going on? Don't people buy software anymore? Or does Cubase SX have not-so-good reputation?
  2. If someone's going to buy, they'll probably buy new. Otherwise they'll download it through less reputable (but certainly more economical) means--there's a big community for "backup" downloading out there. You can get almost anything for <$100.
  3. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    All my software is legally licensed, and some was quite expensive.. but I am very suspicious of software sold on ebay; so far I have only used it for mics etc. :wink:
  4. Mr-Nice

    Mr-Nice Guest

    Not true! There really is no difference between brand new sealed box software as opposed to an opened box. The software is digital and providing the CD works and installs onto the computer there isnt any degration of data. I personally think it is a bit smarter to buy used open software from ebay since you do get the same exact thing as if it was brand new. Just make sure whoever you buy it from is a reputable seller and make sure the product you are buying has all what is supposed to have.

    Are you listing it in the correct ebay section? Try losing the reserve and start out the bidding with the lowest possible amount you would take. Secondly if you registered it you are not allowed to sell it. It says so in the terms of agreement, read them.
  5. sevenone

    sevenone Guest

    I think your problem is $400 is a little high for used ebay software. Chances are someone who would buy it probably has some other peice of software already (DP, Logic, spark, vegas, Samplitude, PTLE, Reason, Adobe Audition, or previous cubase, and more.) All of which are covered as a crossgrade or upgrade, both cost no more than $399 retail new. If you shop around, or "have a guy" in retail, you wouldn't have to pay more than $325.

    When I bought my 828MkII, my guy at GC gave me the Cubase SX crossgrade for $325 and used the Audiodesk software that came with it for proof of purchase.

    The other reason is, most ebay software is usually fake, educational, registered, damaged... I'll buy alot of stuff from ebay but not software, jewelry, food shaped like christian relics, or children. I'm 0 for 2 with ebay software.

    EDIT: If it were me, I guess I wouldn't expect more than $250-$300 max.
  6. I bought Sonar 4 from Ebay recently for about 1/3 the retail price. I received the box and it was completely sealed and brand new. However, upon attempting to register it with Cakewalk I found out it was a NFR (Not for Retail) version which prevents me from getting cheap upgrades.

    The software works so I guess there's no reason to complain, but I still feel cheated a bit....
  7. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    Hey! altima_boy_2001.

    I feel that you cheated yourself a bit(To say nothing of "got what you deserved"...)... Generally, when one pays 1/3 price for something, you'll be "lucky" to get 1/3 of what you think you paid for... History shows one to be rather fortunate to get what one pays for when one pays full-price!(Enough of "a chance" for me!)

    Personally, I have yet to touch Ebay. Everything I buy, I buy from a local store or a reputable on-line dealer. Ebay, may be sad for that(Even feel a little "cheated"? They've spent all that money on all those ads!), but... not me. At least I know where to find the actual person I bought something from, to "make it right", if neccessary......

    There probably are good, honest deals on EBay, but you just can't tell which ones they are, huh? I rarely talk to an "EBay'er" who didn't get "burned"......

    You just keep looking for those unbay-lieveable deals though! I DO have some cr--, ahh, good stuff to sell, cheap... and I just might open-up an EBay account! Be lookin' for it!!!

    Kind'a like lottery tickets(Taxes on stupid people), there ain't no free lunch.

  8. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    If he sold you a "Not For Resale" version then he cheated you completely. Your software is no more legally licensed than if you had downloaded it for free. :( That's why I don't buy software on ebay! :?
  9. axel

    axel Guest

    altima_boy_2001 wrote:

    that's odd, i have mostly NFRs, i get them provided from the respective companies, and the updates are for free...

    but maybee there are different NFR versions / and / or restrictions???

    maybee you should check with the guy who sold you the software (if you can?) if he registered his NFR and get the registration of him... that should work. (ok, ok, i know it's not "kosher" but hey, he F&^cked you, so at least try to get the whole deal for your money...)

    but buying software, is a rather "hot" deal, there is tons of stuff even in "original boxes" with printed manuals and the lot around from tailand and russia. cracked fakes... beware!!

    they are so good made, that you mainly only discover it's a fake, when you are trying to register.

    at least over here is lots of that stuff "flying around"
  10. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    NFR = "Not For Re-sale"

    ie: you can use the software legally, but you can't sell it on.. seems pretty clear to me. :p
  11. Jeemy

    Jeemy Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2003
    Its not clear, and be very very careful.

    My 'day job' is running a company of 30 people doing graphic design. Yep, full licensed versions of Quark and Adobe Creative Suite, etc etc. Figure £3k GBP per computer.

    I got investigated recently. Any upgrades, I had to provide the *receipt, box, license agreement and CD* for the package I upgraded *from*.

    Any machines I had bought second hand, which I did in my early stages, I had to prove the software on it was original, licensed, and produce all the documentation. If I had bought something second hand with software on it, I was bound by law to erase it.

    It may not be an issue for a small studio but be under no illusions, it would close any semi pro or pro operation trading from premises down.

    If I had been caught using anything the fine was a minimum £10,000. They can fine small companies employing 5-10 people £60k easily.

    And they have quotas to meet. Luckily, due to the intensive nature of the work we do, I reformat the machines every 3 months, catalogue the license keys used, and the software stays at my lawyers. Thats a lesson I learnt 12 years ago from another business and boy I am glad I learnt it the easy way.

    Be very very careful - I wouldn't be too comfortable posting my name up here running a commercial concern if I was running it on software I wasn't 100% with.

    Bottom line - *nothing* on ebay is legal software wise; in very rare cases the seller will be savvy enough to offer box, packaging, original disc and license clearly. Anything else is a *con*. In the rare cases it is not, like yours, a savvy buyer with $$ to spend will be savvy enough to pay for an upgrade or version history. And if those elements are not present, whether you think it is legal or not, they dont.

    If you reoffer with the full package made clear, you may get a better result.

  12. swanmusic

    swanmusic Guest

    I have bought software from sellers on ebay and other websites. I got Reason, Kontakt for half price from a seller 3 years ago and I could continue getting updates with out any problems. I think on ebay who you buy from is the key. The feedback of the sellers tell a lot. I recently bought Logic for a little over half price. Of course, you need to check all the details before you bid but how much you pay for a software doesn't conclude how well it's going to work. It's absolutely irrelative.

    altima_boy_2001, if you got the software which was not like what was mentioned on ebay, you can actually contact ebay and tell them about it. They may be able to do something about it. You WERE cheated!!
  13. jonyoung

    jonyoung Well-Known Member

    Dec 31, 2003
    altima_boy's Sonar is a legitimate copy, probably what's sold as a "scholastic" version. I use Sonar, and the fact he could register it all means it's a legit, although limited version. The tradeoff for the price paid is no free or cheap upgrades.......big deal. I'm still using Sonar 3.1.1 and none of my clients are complaining, neither am I, it works just fine and has all the bells & whistles I need. What's at issue is how it was represented by the seller. If it was adverstised as a full feature version, he's got a gripe.
  14. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    I thougt it was illegal to sell software like on ebay
  15. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    I thougt it was illegal to sell software like on ebay
  16. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    I thougt it was illegal to sell software like on ebay
  17. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    I thougt it was illegal to sell software like on ebay
  18. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    I thougt it was illegal to sell software like on ebay
  19. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    He said he attempted to register it..
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