How much did you pay for what at Guitar Center!!!

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by aphid, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. aphid

    aphid Guest

    It would be nice if this topic could become permanent.

    If we could all list what we've bought recently at Guitar Center (or any other major chain) and for how much then we could be saving each other thousands of dollars!!

    For example, I just bought an Audix i5 for $99 USD out the door but just read that somebody else picked up one for $70 USD!!!

    This way we can try to hit that magical "10% over cost" number without having to peer over their registers to steal a look at their screen :)

    Please forgive me if this breaks any rules and delete this post summarily.
  2. frob

    frob Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2004
    i used to know some one that worked at guitar center and hated it. the price he gave me where unbelieavable. keepin mind that this was 4 years ago;

    delta 1010 $500 otd(out the door)
    machiened alluminum volume pedal $30
    3 sm57s 1 beta52 and 3 d'vises $300
    dean markely pickup $30
    fat 52 fender custom pickup set $60

    i put this here because he no longer works there, there is a resone for that. this was cost and i wish he still worked there.
  3. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    I got a Rode K2 for $550 after I brought in a printout from ebay with that price...
  4. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    So far, I've paid whatever the lowest "legit" price was that I could find. Didn't even have to take anything in. Just called them on the phone, told 'em where the price was that I wanted, so they could check for themselves and - so far - they've called me back everytime with a "go".
  5. sdelsolray

    sdelsolray Active Member

    Jul 5, 2003
    Portland, OR
    Pair of new Groove Tubes GT44 tube mics, listing for $1,598, for $400.
  6. backinthelab

    backinthelab Guest

    I used to love Guitar Center, then some things happened.....I started noticing that everytime I went in there, even for a mic cable, it'd be at LEAST 45 minutes before I got out of there. Not to mention that the prices there are not in the least bit competitive. The only time I'll go there now is in an emergency situation, when I can't wait for things to be shipped to me. I really feel that the service there has gone downhill, it's really unfortunate becuase I'd ship there much more often!
  7. jdsdj98

    jdsdj98 Active Member

    Jun 8, 2002
    Denver, CO
    I ditto backinthelab's comments. Guitar Center is only an option (and a bad option, at that) for me when I need something right now. My experiences there have always been less than impressive. I can't stand having to wait my turn (like backinthelab, typically 20-30 minutes EVERY TIME) to yell over some pimple faced kid trying out guitar/amp combos with the volume needlessly cranked to a sales rep that knows absolutely nothing about the gear he is paid to sell. I would much rather give a couple dollars more to a knowledgeable, reputable dealer knowing that I am taken care of before, during, and after the transaction. That typically isn't a problem, either, as I have a dealer who will often sell to me at cost, but will always, at the very least, price match.
  8. aphid

    aphid Guest

    I'm am in complete agreement with you guys. Guitar Center sucks but that's why I want this topic to stick around for a while :) So we can all go in there and KNOW how much to pay for stuff. Like the the two groove tubes mics for $400!!!! that's insane. I'd never think to ask that much for the. I've heard those are decent overheads. I think they used them on some of the tracks at TheListeningSessions.

    Anyways, to keep this on track, here is my latest buy: Behringer T1953 for $129 out the door. not bad for stereo starved plate tube preamps in a pinch. I took it back after the session of course :) I also got a quote for two Oktava MC-012's, non matched, for $140. Still not as good as the two for $99 sale they had over a year ago though, but they hardly get these in anymore. Somebody else picked up a Groove Tubes Brick Preamp for $325 out the door. I'd love to pick up a couple of those and the groove tubes gt 44 mics for overheads! Keep it coming everybody! Level the playing field!!!
  9. aphid

    aphid Guest

    oh, i'll also ad that they didn't have the Studio Projects SP828 in but they said they could order one in for $525!
  10. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2004

    I'm the guy that gets everything cheap at Guitar Center.

    I haven't paid full price on a single thing I've bought from them. My best deal so far (that I didn't take) was a Trident S20 for $759.84 out the door (brand new unit in a sealed box). That's $240 off of the price, but I decided against it because I've been told the unit isn't anything fantastic.

    Right now I've been going through a haggle on an API 3124 which they have to special order. I have them pretty low, but I refuse say how low I get them out of respect for the pro-audio dealers affiliated with RO (just in case it comes up cheaper). I will say that they have NOT yet beaten the price of some of the audio dealers around here. So I might end up purchasing one from one of the audio dealers that advertise in RO.
  11. aphid

    aphid Guest

    thanks "therecordingart" :)

    So how do you usually handle yourself. Do you just go in and low ball them or do you get some numbers from other places to back yourself up? Do they generally price all their stuff with a formula, like 50% above cost?

    It would be nice that somebody published some sort of Blue Book value index on gear, new used and beat up!
  12. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2004
    I haven't bought used gear yet, but will soon have to if I want some classics.

    Basically....I'll find a piece of gear that I like, research it, find out the cheapest price for the gear NEW online. For example, a new Shure SM57 can be purchased for $89.99 + tax. I'll walk into guitar center and say I'll give you $70 out the's a reasonable offer. If they say that they can't do it I'll mention that I'll be shopping around for my price. Normally the sales person will say something like "if you find it cheaper we'll price match." That is when you say "WHEN I find it cheaper I'm going to buy it from them." Now they know they've just lost your business and won't let that happen in most cases....especially if you are dealing with a manager. They want to make the most on an item, but will sacrifice profit for repeat business. You have to think that corporate fat cats want to see volume of business. (1000 units sold for $70 is better than 500 units sold for $89.99 with 250 sales lost to a competitor because you wouldn't cut a break).

    It's pretty much common sense that if you make someone feel like they are getting something for nothing...they are going to come back again and again. Although Guitar Center doesn't make a lot of profit off of me....they have a high volume of sales from me. Management treats me like gold because I come in with cash, and I buy what I say I'm going to buy at the price I want it at. They don't argue because they know I'll be back for more, and I'm not asking for a price below cost. They aren't losing anything.

    Now everyone knows me by voice over the phone, and I don't have to do any haggling unless it's a special order.

    So...just keep your demands reasonable, work with an assistant manager or manager, don't be a a nice/cool guy, and if things aren't going your away be prepared to tell them you are going to shop around at their competitors...but do NOT say it threatening! Do NOT ask if they price match because then you aren't getting anything at a deal...and they now know they're out of the woods with cutting you a deal. They wont let a sale walk out the's just like buying a car!
  13. bobbo

    bobbo Active Member

    Dec 11, 2004

    The other day my roomate went to get his first halfstack at GC and he wanted to get a GC card to put it on. He had a $1000 credit limit and could go over by a $100 if needed on the first use. So he's looking and sees a nice marshall head for $500 and then trys it through the cheap $400 cab and it sounds really nice, then my roomate wants to look at guitars and the salesman (an assistant mgr) grabs a used epiphone gibson lespaul limited edition with blue stain, (beautifal guitar) and my RM loves the guitar which used is $400 and after talking with the mgr (he knows me from what I have purchased from him before) my roomate walks out of the store with all 3 items for $1030 after tax (or something around that) thats a huge savings and he got it all for no intrest no payments for 12 months. I think that was a great deal. Plus (different time) My roomate needed a sm58 for band practice and I told him I could probably get a deal if he went with me, but I wasn't able to go so I just called up and a guy that I always work with in pro audio was there and I told him who I was and asked him if I could get a deal on an sm58 for my Roomate and he said sure and just told him who was coming in to pick up the mic and that was that. I got a K custom session crash for 169.99 when its normally 220. Check for good used stuff, I picked up a perfect beta 52 for $90 and a beta 56 for $60, I don't even think ebay it that cheap. plus I can get rid of my old crappy $*^t to them too. Probably my best deal I myself got was one day I went in to pro audio and told the guy I wanted a small set of monitors I could use to travel with that had a speaker cover (so the cones didn't get damaged) I told him I was going to spend $300 and he showed me what he had and then I saw the jbl lsr25p monitors and he plugged them in and I loved them. So I left that day with 2 brand new jbl lsr25p monitors normally 309.99 EACH (at most locations) for $300, thats a $320 savings. I love those monitors too. plus I don't know how much these usually are, I got a 16x4 50ft snake brand new from a special order for $200.

    Does anyone do this at samash stores, I always hear stuff about GC but nothing about samash stores which are identical with a diff name and carry some different products, and oh yeah they suck ass compared to GC.

  14. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2004
    Sam Ash doesn't budge for me so I only went twice. Guitar Center is 2 miles from my house and Sam Ash is like 15 miles. One of the managers at Sam Ash used to be a manager at GC that I know. I told him that if he can do the deals I'd rather come to him because he is a good guy....he told me Sam Ash doesn't operate like GC.
  15. Johnson Cabasa

    Johnson Cabasa Active Member

    Sep 5, 2003
    i never bought anything at guitar center as i refuse to support wal mart like chain stores and prefer to support small buisnesses. i used to buy all my stuff form bobby neil at mannys then from bobbys shop when it was on 30th street. now that his store is colesed i work with tim finigan at dale he used ot be the guy at sam ash pro but then he moves
  16. therecordingart

    therecordingart Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2004
    I would absolutely love to support small business people, but they only small music shop near me doesn't carry anything other than lots of used guitars and crappy PA equipment.
  17. aphid

    aphid Guest

    i'd love to support a small shop.... as long as it doesn't cost me anything :)

    If you dislike Banjo Center then please share any steals you've gotten from them so we too can "stick it to the man"!

    To keep things on topic, I'd like to say that I bought an Olympic ODSCE10 Acoustic from them for like $200 I believe when they had it listed for $350. I just brought a print out from a site that I think is now defunct and they matched it right then and there.

    Now the funny thing is, I build sites for a living. I could have easily just created my own site with whatever price I wanted and handed it to them because they didn't even look it up.
  18. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2003
    Houston, TX
    You too? :D I thought that was a deal I could NOT pass up, too! The Brick and GT-55 for $499 was not to shabby, either!

    I like the fact that I can walk into my local GC with a cracked cymbal (under 1 year old), and swap it out "on the spot" for a new one. Not many "Ma & Pa Shops" could do that. $20 extra bucks, and you have a 2 year warranty on a CYMBAL!!! That is one warranty policy I will ALWAYS come out ahead on! ;) . Having 2 or 3 of most cymbal lines to "choose from" (sound test them) is also a HUGE plus (They will usualy have 2 of EACH MODEL + Size - if not more on hand).

    Aside from that, I can walk on in, and get fantastic prices on pracitcally anyting I need in a pinch, and it is IN STOCK. They pull up my account, see my history, and they are at my command. Its like I'm the boss (well, I know the regional Drum Manager, and that does not hurt, either). I'm gona try my luck at another KM-184 tomorrow. If they can do $565 or better, they will get my cash, and I'll have my mic "in hand".

    As long as you know what to expect, and you have done your research, GC is not all that bad. NOW, if you are an un-informed customer who is relying on the GC salespeople for advice on how to spend YOUR money - that is a bit foolish IMO... I'm pretty well covered.

  19. WRX07

    WRX07 Guest

    My friend who just quit guitar center told me that if you don't have the preferred player guarantee, they wont even LOOK at any broken/damaged/faulty equipment
  20. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2003
    Houston, TX
    Hmm. The cymbal scernario I mentioned above took place TODAY! They SWAPPED IT OUT for a NEW ONE w/o any hassles (I DID NOT have the extended warranty on that cymbal, and it was 10 months old). I mean this just happened like 12 hours ago.

    ON TOP of that, I ordered a replacement part for my Snare Stand, and I left a $10 deposit. Well, GC ended up getting the part for FREE (Gibraltar is pretty cool about that - even on a 6 year old snare stand). Did they KEEP my $10? Nope. I got a full refund on my $10 deposit, AND I got a free part!

    I was in such a good mood after that, I was singing at work all day long!

    I guess my fantastic experience is very unusual? ;) . Maybe my Positive Mental Attitude has something to do with it? PS - This was some new drum guy I had never dealt with before, too. Very courteous IMO. He actually chased me out into the parking lot as I was leaving - just to tell me he found the Free replacement part, and to give me my $10 back! The guy I usually deal with was off today (been there for 3 years).


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