How much for a Amek/Neve CIB??

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by fontenel, Dec 22, 2004.

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    Hi guys. I'm in the market for a new pre and I'm really interested in the Amek/Neve CIB. It seems like a good all-in-one solution for my needs. My question is, though, how much should I be looking to spend on one? I know that's a weird question, but I can't seem to find a consistent price and I don't understand why. Sweetwater has them for $2799, as them for $2200, has them for $2599, and there are two on ebay right now for $1599 BIY and $2195 BIY (all new in box). What's the deal?


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    Feb 10, 2001
    Bro, if you haven't heard one I'd highly suggest you keep looking. The mic amp in those is pretty pedestrian sounding, and while the Equalizer is very musical, the compressor isn't and worst of all you are stuck with the compressor following the EQ at all times [unless you're using it on a different signal path].

    For that kind of scratch I would suggest you take a look at a Pendulum Audio "Quartet". With the Quartet you not only have a range of things you can do with the pre-amp [from a DI in to a full level +4 "line" input, to gain staging capability between the input and output stages] but a very musical 3 band EQ, and an opto attenuator based compressor that is exceptionally musical and is coupled with the absolute best de-esser I have EVER used.

    Each element of the Quartet [mic pre, EQ, and dynamics] can be used individually which basically nets you 3 entirely separate units in one 2 RU box. You can use them in line as well... so say you're tracking vocal and guitar... you can use the pre linked to the compressor for the vocal and use the equalizer on the guitar with absolutely no crosstalk... or you could use the pre on the guitar and the EQ on a bass with the dynamics on a vocal [etc., etc., etc.].

    The flexibility and musicality of the unit is absolutely unparalleled in the world of channel strips except perhaps by the "Quartet II which is significantly more money.

    Best of luck with your search!!
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    Isn't Harmon getting rid of Amek at the end of the year (in other words, next week)? I seem to recall reading that in Pro Sound News or something. That would explain the price variations...the lower-priced places probably have them in stock and are trying to get rid of them, where the higher-priced places probably either don't and still have the "regular" prices posted or don't think that they need to dump them.

    Who knows?


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