How much $ needed for a good step up from D-Verb?

Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by aclane, Sep 17, 2004.

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    I'm getting a Pro tools LE setup and it comes with D-verb, but i've heard that digital reverbs arn't quite up to snuff yet with their outboard counterparts. Is this true?
    Are there any good plug ins i can get, or should i just go for an old lexicon unit?


  2. This post really hits home because I'm going throught something similar. Go ahead and buy the VST to RTAS adapter by FXpansion. A lot more plugins will be at your disposal (including Ambience: a free reverb plugin that rivals some of the big boys sounds). If you're on a Mac it wouldn't be bad idea to check out Soundhack ( Soundhack is a shareware utility that will allow you to apply Convolution reverb (among other things) to any sound mixed to audio. Buying a Lexicon unit wouldn't be a bad idea either (I haven't used one myself, but I've heard they kick ass!). Wave's plugins are also a sure bet. I used to use their Trueveb on my PC and loved the warm sound it produces. It adds distinctive color to your mix and comes with some good presets to boot.

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