How soon is too soon?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MadMax, Feb 12, 2005.

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  1. MadMax

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    Mar 18, 2001
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    Here's one I haven't seen asked in awhile... if ever.

    I'm building a small(ish) "Pro Level" studio. (So what, right?)

    Well, I'm at the beginning stages of the build and looking at it being about 12 months from now before I open the doors. (Again, so what, right?)

    The studio build diary is here on over in the acoustics forum.

    Here's the studio concept and the nut of my question... (FINALLY!)

    As a smaller studio (space wise) in a pseudo rural area, I need to start booking time as soon as the doors are open... actually I need to start booking BEFORE the doors are open.

    When do I start marketing and advertising?

    Our studio is (tentatively) going to be a performance and mixing facility catering to Bluegrass, Gospel, Jazz and Acoustic music.

    The really unique aspect of the facility is that in addition to location and remote tracking, we are a quiet and comfortable facility able to handle mid and long term projects.

    I want to keep from becoming a project mill studio, so "Yellow Page" advertising is not on the roster of advertising dollars.

    When do I start sending out general information brochures and the like?

    I want to target recordists and mixers in addition to musicians and bands. So where's the best dollars spent trying to reach that segment?

    Thanx for any input.

  2. melo

    melo Guest

    well if you have already done stuff then you can start talking to clients now just so they know that you are building a studio i would definatley wait till about 4 months before your open to have an advertisement campaign started one good i dea would be to have a battle of the bands with a lcal club for free studio time just give out like 4 hours or 8 hours then they will see your stuff come back to finish there album you can make money and rwrite the free time off on your taxes as a donation it works and is great advertisement

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