How to go from the Data Master to downloadable music files

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by LauraMarks, Jan 11, 2007.

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    I am creating two web sites of short stories on audio that will be sold as individual downloads, not as a cd. The recording studio I’ve talked to will give me a “master” with all the mixing, intro tags added, etc. My question is how do I get from a data master to WMA, mp3 and AAC files I can upload and sell on the web site?

    I’ve done a search through here and google and I can’t get a clear answer. If it’s in the archives and I missed it, I apologize. Is this something the recording studio should be able to do for me? They are used to giving a master to the musicians, movie, TV company, etc., and they take it and do “whatever” with it. I realize if I were making a cd, I would get a glass master made and my cds would be duplicated from that. Do I need to take it to a different type of post production facility for codecs/compression to these formats?

    Is the change to these codecs as simple as push a “save as” button in the studio or is it complicated? Do I buy software and do something on the computer…..except my master is binary data, not sound, right? Will I need additional post production adjustments to accommodate issuing them as downloadable files instead a cd, or should that be in the original mix and mastering?

    Thank you for your help. I'm really at a loss here.

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    Most studios should be able to get you those files, just ask. They will probably charge you for it (hourly or whatever) but it shouldn't take them long. Also, if they give you an audio cd, just rip the cd in itunes or windows media player, and you can save the files as mp3, etc. Shouldn't be much of a hassle for the studio to do it though. I do it all the time for my clients.

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