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Discussion in 'Music Business' started by robfrech, Jul 13, 2007.

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    Hey im in highschool and my passion is music. Im an accomplished musician and have a mind for business. One of my goals in life is to marry my two passions: music and business. However, I dont know where/how to learn about the music business. Could anyone suggest any books, dvd's, or any other media to help me learn?

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    Start with the web - just understand that just because it is on the web does not AUTOMATICALLY make it good advice. There are lots of books and a trip to your local library should be a good first step. If you have a Walden's or Borders or other book store near you spend some time in their business section. Try and get a good mentor, someone in the business community that will "show you the ropes". Most high schools have days that you can "shadow" someone at work so find some one in your community that you would like to shadow and spend the day with them. Try reading MIX magazine or Pro Sound News to get some ideas of how the music business is changing. This forum is an excellent resource as well and you can use the search function to find information on topics you are interested in.

    Best of LUCK!

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