how to mix an e-guitar in a song

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by ixi, May 2, 2005.

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    how to mix an e-guitar in a song
    eq, compressor, dinamic in song, dacking.....


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    Get the sound you want in the room, then move the mic around until it sounds good on the recording. For full guitars record parts twice with slightly different sounds or different guitars. Then when mixing i shelf everything below 100. For real rumble maybe 80. Then use pan to go left or right and maybe a little mid range EQ to get the guitar to cut through and add some seperation. I only add compression when there are peaks or if the level is to low to bring it up. Most of the time tube amps and pod stuff is ok without compression. The most important thing is that your guitar is in tune and sounds like you want it before you start to record it. Then the MIC must be placed properly in order to get the best sound. Then get a good level. Mixing is easy if you do these things first. Remember there are 3 things up and down in volume. High and low in fequency and left right in PAN. Use those three in the mix to get your guitar to sound good in the mix. I never overly compress guitar parts it can make them sound dull. A little though can put it in its place.

    Just sorta my guidelines

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