how to open mp3's on cool edit pro v 2.00

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ColdCrow, Mar 4, 2005.

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    I've been trying to open mp3's lately but I get all this converting information.. and when I try to convert, I get static sound. I've seen people open mp3's easily on cool edit pro. Why am I seeing this?
  2. Coldcrow

    The easiest way I have inserted MP3 files into Cool Edit is to be in multitrack view. Right click on the track you want the mp3 in, and click insert file, then put in the file you want. Pretty simple. Questions?
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    Make sure you're not using OPEN AS.
  4. It should work

    I just went throught these steps to make sure it worked.

    I was in Multi-track view.
    I right-clicked on the first track
    Clicked insert
    Clicked Wave from file
    Selected the mp3 I wanted
    Clicked open and after a few seconds it was there

    In Waveform view, I clicked on file
    Then clicked on Open as.
    Selected the file.
    Left Sample rate at 44100, channels at stereo and resolution at 16 bit and clicked OK
    Cool Edit took about 3 seconds to read the mp3 data and the file opened.

    Hope this helps.

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