How to record guitar and voice into laptop?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by guitaristachino, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. I am a acoustic and electric guitar player/songwriter and am trying to record guitar/vocal ideas into my laptop when I travel. I have a Pentium 4 laptop with 1 GB RAM, a minidisc player and may get a Line6 Guitar Port. Would you recommend an affordable USB preamp? I am trying to save from carrying the least equipment.
    Your feedback is appreciated.
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    Laptop music with guitar and voice

    Hi guitaristachino,

    As I have to travel a lot by plane I know very well the argument and I would suggest You to buy an M-Audio mobilepre soundcard if the size and the weight is the matter . Otherwise consider a good micpreamp into a usb sondcard, despite the weight of the power supply mine fit the job very well and it cost nothing (behringer tube mic 200). Nowadays Presonus Firebox ( firewire but has in bundle Cubase SE 48 tracks audio/midi) seem to be the best buy $400 as all in one solution.
    Leave also the line 6 gear at home your bag will be lighter ... considering a software solution for the best guitar tone I suggest NI guitar Rig or even bettere the newest IK Amplitube 2 Very smart buy and Italianissimo like me :)) eh eh. But never forget to put befor everything the valve mic pre and you have that warmth tone obtainable only in an expensive daw.
    For the acoustic sell some gears and go for the yamaha silent guitar a very good trnsducer piezo with stunning ambience room built in it. It is also very smart to carry as it is detachable.
    BTW what is the minidisc player for?
    I bought an Hofner guitar as the steinbergher cost a lot and has the doble ball tuning chords not so easy to find around the world.
    KBJ :cool:
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