How to record with professional CD quality

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by romi1025, Apr 12, 2009.

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    Hi this is Romi and I'm in a band I'm recording our DEMO by using SONAR 8 Producer, Saffire LE, Line POD X3, Shure KSM 27,
    For the Guitar and Bass recording I'm using POD X3 directly to Saffire and for Vocals Its directly to saffire, and Drums are from the sonar by using session drummer VST,
    i wanna make a professional sound from these so i can send our DEMO to radio station and sell it for our fans.
    my question is when i record and mastering our demo it was obviously missing something like it needs room sound and i tried reverb on it but it didnt sound good.
    pls help me
  2. Guitarfreak

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Is this a joke? You really expect to receive a constructive answer to a question like that? Recording is intricate and it takes skill to do, there's no easy button in producing a CD, even a demo. Why don't we start by hearing a sample recording and let's go from there.
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    Hi Romi. Welcome to RO. I hope you're not a troll and simply someone who doesnt really understand the intricacies of the recording art.

    A question like yours cannot be answered directly because of the vast array of reasons there might be in achieveing the sound you seek.

    Without hearing the sound you have gotten it would be impossible to assume that any suggestions about changes that might need to be made would be helpful.

    A list of gear tells us nothing.

    A list of influences tells us nothing.

    The desire for professional sound is one we all strive for.

    It takes years of experience to achieve it to the point that you can count on it every time you turn on the recorder.

    With this in mind, rephrase your question into something that someone can actually help you with.

    Or, if you are a troll, then dont.

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