how to share on board sounds and vst synth through MIDI

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    perhaps the question is rather complex... but I'll have a go at it...

    is there a way to configure a virtual synth (such as Kore 2) so that you can control it with a digital piano, but at the same time ALSO use the onboard sounds from the piano itself?

    let's say I have a piano with very good piano sounds, and I want to use them live, but at the same time also split/layer the keyboard so that other sounds from Kore can be played, would I have to do this by properly setting MIDI channels so that I can control whatever I want from the soft synth in any section of the keyboard I want?

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    Hi ferchis...
    This should be easy. But we don't know what KB you have. and that is the most important bit to know.
    Playing internal sounds and sending out midi to a sequencer or VSTi simultaniously can be done with and without splitting.
    If you still have your KB manual you surely find out how to do it on your particular instrument.
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    Absolutely, I'm assuming your digital piano has midi and/or connects to your DAW? So, you treat the virtual synth(s) like any other midi slave devise. And you run the outs of your digital piano into your ? AD > DAW. You are combining external hardware (keyboards) while at the same time, using it to control virtual midi. (A bit hybrid)
    Do you have a midi input (midi router ?) to your DAW or are you using usb or Firewire?

    Dealing with the latency is your only issue. I use the FF800 midi to route my midi gear via the Motu MTC AV . I do not use USB midi. I use Firewire. USB is too slow but others seems to not complain.

    So I go, External keyboards midi out> MTC AV> FF800 midi> DAW
    External keyboard audio to the FF800 AD ins >DAW

    Setup your midi and analog in's to your DAW and you are in business.

    Hope that helps some.
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    thanks guys!!! well, I still haven't got it, but was planning to get a Casio Privia PX330 as a digital piano and use (maybe) some of its onboard sounds and also Kore2 (or any other useful vst) in the laptop.

    the specs: HP G42, i3 core 2,27, 3gb ram, 320hd (7200rpm), m-audio fast track mk2 as interface

    BTW, would you take THIS system out for a gig and rely on it or is it too much of a risk? I've tried kore with a certain latency I must admit but it didn't come to the point of absurdity, I mean, I DID notice a certain minimal latency in the playing, but after a while wasn't really annoying and I could play normally with no technical issues.

    thanks for your help! looking forward to your comments!

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