How to slice up wave as separate files

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    Ok, I'm working in Cubase LE. I'm trying to record one long track that I will slice into separate samples. Every time I use the split tool to devide the track, it is still the same wave. How do I make it so that each slice is a new wave file, and how do I make it so that it is not the same size as the orginal full wave, but only that little slice. As it is now, I can slice it up 20 times, and each slice will just refer back to the whole original wave. I've googled and searched through the manual and I'm not having any luck. Right now, I'm just doing a slight bit of processing to them, which separates them as a new file. But I'd like a faster method. Thanks for any help.
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    AFAIK every multitrack app does this, you split it and it just takes a short block out of the source wave.

    Open the track in a waveform editor like Audacity (or something better). Then chop it up and save each bit as a separate wave and load them into the session.

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