How to stop that annoying hiss sound!!

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by explicit, Feb 12, 2005.


Also wondering, should i get a rode nt1000 or a AT3035 for recording rap?

  1. Rode nt100

  2. Audio Technica AT3035

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  1. explicit

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    Hey, im new but i got a microphone just recently, its a dynamic Audio Technica ATR20. :roll: i know its really cheap and everything but its all i can afford at the moment. :lol: I plugged it into my computer and everytime i record something theres the most annoying sound ever.. :x ive always wondered if it was maybe my soundcard or something. :? please tell me how i could stop this sound or if im just stuck with it. :evil: thanks. :wink:

  2. zemlin

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    Well, with no info on any of your equipment, it's rather difficult to even make any guesses.

    How 'bout some info about how, exactly, you have the microphone plugged into your computer - such as the make/model of your mixer or mic preamp (if you're using one) - What connection you are going into, and if you have any adapters or special cables involved.

    Information on you sound card would be good too.

    If you are just plugging your mic into a generic sound card, it could be that the mic preamp sucks, and your soundcard sucks, and you are probably picking up noise (through the mic) from your computer. If you're recording space isn't quiet, your recording won't be quiet.

    I suppose there is also a chance you are recording very poor quality digital audio (8 bit, for example) - what software are you recording with, and what bit-depth and sample rate are you using to record?
  3. Fishybob

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    I have a NT1000 and they are sweet!

    I've used them on everything from acoustic guitar to folk vocals to soul and rap vocals and it just sounds smooth and warm. It has a sound reminiscent of old valve mics... I highly recommend them!

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