How to stop the delay when recording with USB MIDI

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    I use a KeyRig44 MIDI keyboard from M-audio and when I play my keys there is a delay from when I strike the key to when i hear the note on the playback. However, when I record using the MIDI keyboard, there is no delay in the actual recording; only in the playback. This becomes annoying because I basically have to record while muting the MIDI and cannot hear my playback until I stop the recording to listen to what I have recorded. Is there anyway to fix this problem so I can hear what I am playing as I am recording? Also, is there a USB hub you recommend buying for music recording because I use multiple recording equipment that require USB such as my MIDI, pad controller, microphone, mouse, etc. Thanks a lot!
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    you could try changing your latency settings. there is a extremely good video tutorial on this subject by One in particular that is free to preview is at:
    N.E.D.web 1.7
    It explains how to diagnose your in out device's actual latency. Of course that is just the start.
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    You didn't give us a lot of details about your system, but I would look at your monitoring options within you audio software, and the control software for your audio interface.
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    USB midi sucks IMO but I know others are happy with it so go figure. It definitely improves if you use an external power supply instead of relying on the USB power. I use a MIDI router and couldn't work without one.

    I have an older MTP AV 8 x 8 MIDI Timepiece router but I have been looking at this:

    Usually the latency is worse during recording. Playback is what it is. I also use a PCIe interface which is the only way to go.

    An awesome monitor control system is top priority for me. Hope my 2 cents helps.

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