How to use the EFX presets on a Peavey RX 684?

Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by rhinorob, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. rhinorob

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    I'm a beginner in music but play with some quite experienced musicians. None of them are vocalists but one owns a Peavey RX 684 PA system. We only cover songs, mostly classic rock.

    It has 16 preset effects. I'm wishing for something like a "song mixers guide" that would indicate which pre-set would best help our live vocals replicate the original sound effect from the orginal bands vocals.

    Example; we cover Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith. It would be great to have some document that said "set PA to preset #4, Cathedral, for Sweet Emotion", set PA to preset # 15, Flange, for Jumping Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones), and such.

    So, after you stop laughing at my novice question, tell me, is there some such guide for PA effects?
  2. hereirage

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    I don't think there is a guide for that....

    just use trial and error to get the effect that you like.....

    when you practice with the band, try using the different effects over the songs to see which sound the best.....

    or use a different effect from the ones on the song to mix it up......

    be creative, that's what music is all about

  3. rhinorob

    rhinorob Guest


    Thanks for the message. It seems sound engineering is truly an art, not so much science. Its all by ear.


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