How to use what I have? What else?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by bluesbreaker18, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. I don't have a lot, but I'm interested in suggestions on how to best apply my existing equipment. Here's what I've got in the way of recording equipment:

    Computer (Athlon 3400 dual core) w/ 2GB RAM
    Cakewalk SONAR 6
    Behringer 1622FX mixer
    Behringer HA4400 Headphone amp (1U rack)
    Alesis QuadraVerb GT (1U rack)
    Alesis SR-16 drum machine
    EMU Darwin 8-track (3U rack)
    Presonus Firepod 8 I/O channels via Firewire (1U rack)

    I get together with a few musicians and record at my house regularly. I also pack everything up and mix/record some of our live sessions. My portable rack is only a 4-unit with mixer mounter on top, so I can't easily take everything. In fact, I don't like bringing my computer anywhere, so thats out of the question.

    How do you mobile guys do it? Should I invest in another portable rack? How do I keep from having to rewire everything for home vs away? For example, at home I'll be using the Firepod but away I'll be using the Behringer mixer? What a hassle!

    Is there other equipment that would make my life easier?

    I know this is open-ended, but just curious. FWIW, I'm on a budget (if my equipment hasn't already given that away!).

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    Apr 4, 2006
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    Andy- Many people use mobile units like the Alesis HD24 which I use. There are other alternatives for mobile multitrack recording, but no good ones that I know that are "budget" level.

    One alternative that is at budget level is a stereo flash recorder. Lots of examples out there (I have this but there are others) and features seem to be going up and prices coming down. Yes, this limits you to doing direct to two track, but that's not the end of the world. You have a mixer for multiple mics, and can spend spare cash on better mics. It's not the fanciest setup, but I've found the flash recorder to be very useful as a musician. It's just so easy to carry around and use that I take it to situations that I never would have recorded before. It is something that can get you started for very little money and get you out there experimenting.
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    Another alternative, is to use the Firepod with a used laptop like a centrino p4m or core duo. If the laptop has built in firewire make sure it is Texas Instrument OHCI compliant. You could run the drums from the laptop using an internal VSTi or drum samples/sequencer. With the firepod connected to the laptop just mic each instrument or run them direct. This would make set up easier as you only have to disconnect the firepod.

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