How would you allocate mics/pres?

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    Im recording 4/5 piece drums in a pretty nice room (23' X 16' by 10-14' vaulted ceiling). How would y'all recommend I allocate these mics/pres/dynamics to maximum effect (only 8 tracks at once):

    AKG D112
    Audix i5
    Audix D4
    Rode NT4
    2 X Crown CM700
    4 X SM57
    Neumann U89

    Demeter HM-1 tube preamp
    Mackie 1202 (pre-VLZ)
    MOTU 896HD on-board preamps
    Art Tube MP piece 0' crap

    2 channels of FMR Audio RNC
    2 channels of FMR Audio RNLA
    2 channels of dbx 166


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