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    Ok guys i have a big dillema. I get a huge amount of delay from my audio board to my audio card for some reason. Its a 2 month old M-Audio card, and its not the audio board because i have tried other sound cards. I have the problem before but it was minor and i think it fixed itself. could it be the cables going from my audio card to the board are 20 feet long? They used to work fine but that could be the problem. Please help me, im in the middle of a project and i want to finish :/. Thanks in advance.

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    Pretty confident that it is not the cables unless they are bent and pins are busted etc..... my suggestion is that it is the audio card itself........ I have found with some of the audio cards I have used in the past that the latency renders the system practically unusable......

    Other things to possibly look at...... What connection are you running firewire / USB / USB2.... it may have something to do with that
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    20 ft in analog cable is nothing. It sounds like a computer/software problem. Could it be the drivers? Can your computer handle low latency?
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    At the speed of light, 20 feet will not make a lick of difference.

    However, if you are not using ASIO drivers with the interface, unacceptably long latencies will be the norm. Also, since you are halfway through the project...are there any LONG VST/RTAS/DX effects chains processing LONG audio files? I bet there are. Most hosts will introduce enough latency to allow all of the tracks to sync up to the slowest one in the project.

    There are at least a few other factors that could contribute, but more detailed information would be needed by us.

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    Another problem maybe the buffer underrun. If you can find this setting on your soundcard software or your DAW for recording you need to set it to a minimum... this will reduce latency.... when its time to actually mix/produce you should set it to maximum - this will probably cause latency playback by a half second to a second but will mean that more virtual memory will be allocated to the processing overall.

    Feel free too correct me if im wrong!! :p

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