Hybrid Approach to Disk Storage

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Jbon, May 1, 2004.

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    I have been reading what& where ever I may acquire the adequate knowledge to complete my first pc build using my Asus p4p800deluxe mb, in the tradition suggested at "Radified", or using scsi for boot drive& applications, and using ATA or actually I plan on using a pair of SATA Raptors I now have in this other machine in a software raid 0 array, which since the p4p800 has onboard sata raid, i want to use this, however, as informative as the radified site is, i don't think its changed in a while, or I did not see any reference to Sata in my read of the vast site, I admit I skimmed a couple of times, focusing on parts I caught as applicable to my DAW I want to finish.
    Anyway I am asking for a word from any old scsi pro's , as I ain't there yet, but I must try and make as informed a purchase/selection as I can muster.
    Right now i am trying to match a controller that will do what I want, no more , and follow the author's advice to make sure that what ever non lvd are used , they do not drag down the thouroput of the scsi thing, I almost understand enough to go ahead on my own, but i really wish someone would give me a bit of encouragement, or something..


    That link has good info, for a person wanting to cut the edge of speed in the DAW of the future, suggesting that scsi zealots are not wrong, nor are ATA zealots, but the wise pc/daw builder owes it to himself to look into this....
    I know somebody else besides me has the p4p800d... talk to me about sata onboard enablement!
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    You most certainly do not need SCSI these days. The SATA Raptors are more than adequate especially if in RAID, in fact I would even say that these are probably going to be faster than SCSI.

    I have 1 36g Raptor as my Audio drive and I tested it (Win XP) with Diskbench giving me a track count well over 300.

    Raptors are seriously fast enough :D :D :D
  3. Jbon

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    Isn't that a rather Broad statement?

    As long as you are speaking from having owned each type of systems,fine, perhaps I do need to truly reconsider and acknowledge that site seems to not have been updated in quite some time.
    Thanks for your informed thoughts!

    HERE IS ONE QUOTE, THOUGH: ( from "Radified"link)

    The point I want to make is merely that knowledge based on experience is superior to knowledge based on intellect. I don't care how many books someone might've read about how to fly an airplane. When I step aboard, I want a pilot who has real-life, no-$*^t experience. [And, far as I'm concerned, the more the better.]

    The last intention in have is to start a heated debate between the inevitably passionate avids of either sect! But I do invite more helpful remarks!

    thanks Blade!

    ps SG, are you, by any coincidence using a p4p800d?
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    Jan 11, 2003
    Woodbridge, Va
    Home Page:
    Jbon, I'm currently using a Ultra SCSI HD in my setup. Its housed on a modest platform and shares the duties with 2 EIDE HDs. Performance depends on a number of things. My DAW serves the purpose of RECORDING AUDIO ONLY. There are no other programs associated with this computer at all, other than music (sorry no internet). My theory/and experience, and with some help from a few pro's ( some dap to R.O. too), is that RESOURCES seem to be the gremlins one needs to be aware of. And with that in mind, I'd say a system setup properly should yield enormous results. I have'nt had any issues with my scsi setup so far. I'd like to take advantage of a combination of the current setups (SATA, Ultra320 SCSI & the latest Pentium4 technology) the market has to offer now-a-days. To put it in plain english, it's like having a little computer (SCSI that is) in a big computer.
  5. Jbon

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    Uh....., since I have come to believe that the best learning is to be derived from hearing a personallyexperienced someone, giving done-accounts and events-descripts yet to occur, regarding a subject that is warm to his heart , as his telling mood has been started by a sincere question into that subject most dear to his heart.(only you can ramble on alot in the subject area and I won't mind .. its what I need to listen to.)
    I have received a link to a friends controller which he uses, a50$ one, says it totally adequate for him, which I am having to assume that he also is doing the boot-drive scsi thing I am wanting to do, as I learned from"Radified" guide to scsi, of which you are surely aware,& it just almost sounds like thats also your present or perhaps future rigs things goin on.. elaborate on your setup all you will?!!
    In any event, I wonder which motherboard you are now using, to do the things that sound identical to my plans, saving that I am planning to utilize two 37gb sataraptors as my"one audio drive", or in a raid 0 array, supposedly from onboard support as I understand I will be able to do with p4p800d, also I won't have any cd-rom on that rig, as my current one will remain alongside,giving me an added or separate pc to eventually also have anaudio card, and maybe just maybe I can use GarritanPersonal Orchestra to a fraction of its capabilities,withdoubled ram hopefully,(now has512, not enough for Garritan).
    Or maybe my new rig will be so capable i will then feel comfortable with the idea of having instruments& recording apps in real time on the same pc, quite a feat, i know especially when one of the instruments is garritan.
    I fear my "giving-too-much-info-disease" is showing, sorry
    what do you think of this controller?

  6. BladeSG

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    I have a similar mobo Intel 865PE chipset ABIT IS-7G.

    And if you're wondering the i865PE chipset fan is not noisy, contary to others opinions!

    I would recommend for you to use 2 Raptors in RAID config. The cost versus performance of the SCSI system cannot be justified IMHO.

    Use the extra cash for some high quality DDR400 memory from Corsair, OCZ, Geil or Mushkin. Or put a 3.4Ghz Northwood or Prescott chip under a Zalman 7000 Cu heatsink and Fan. I'd actually go the Northwood 'cause Prescott runs a little on the warm side and there is no apparent performance gain from the extra cache.
  7. Jbon

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    Yes Yes Thats what I like

    ya'll are just tryin for my heart.. Blade I love what you do for me I got nothin but perfect accept of what you say These matters I have, actually been struggling with and your take iswanted, needed,and much appreciated,
    I'm lookin at fedex to arrive anytime with me a pair of Crucial ramsticks,3200 speed, and uh.. DDR 512 , memory comin' since it stands to improve my "Garritan" instruments & player to behave better

    I got several issues naggin me in mind.. One is my mb is almost 1yr old... I suspect the bios updates can manage any prob. though.
    So do you like Northwood?I believe i will go for this refurb2.8 new p4chip for $155 at 'egg.. I can't get ,though,why the smaller frame did seem to "cool" as of the first switch, from 0.18>0.13,yet seemed to do the opposite with this last changeover? I must be thinking about something incorrectly, anyhow...nufothat..

    I am fairly done in my scsi drive acquisition.
    I just gotta decide on a controller tobe as pci-x "open" as my budge allows right now, which I am still looking seriously at 320 even tho I know beeter than to thinl I need it at first for my intentions(boot?system drive)

    .. I definitely do not aim to be defiant to ya, or your best thoughts on the scsi/IDE issue, in any form whatsoever,
    you understand.....I am an IDE zealot way more than anything else, as the facts are as they are...&. IDE is twice the competition to any foe it was only a decade ago,(so I read),& you can see the proof with the cool affordability of HDD space, today, as in per gb... its really cheaper by a considerable factor

    So, being as stirred by the knowlege I became priv' to via "Radified" I am now, most definitely going to do the HYBRID DISK delegation thing..

    I do herby challenge anybody, to read the site "Radified guide to scsi"'s first page or two, only.....
    thats among folks who think of themself as "pro IDE", or even "anti scsi" Those folks should try and read those pages... and then not be swayed...

    I am asking any scsi-controller knowledge from readers equipped to give!
  8. Jbon

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    I have returned

    Just to recap and touch base and reread the mindful expressions for me here, i feel lucky for the attention from folks here with a word for me here and there despite my paying back by bein a wordy shmuc or the length just to look at my posts outwardly appears large and surely redundo mucho..
    But I am thankful to every comment maker for the concern expressed,
    I will try and update :
    mostly I will say I am on this laptop cuz I messed myself up with connectivity due to trying to accomodate an xbox, and added pc's,
    I need to reformat my desktop and the cd rom will not boot for some reason,
    My parts for the new daw build which instigated this post to start with are arriving,
    I will have scsi boot drive and a pair of raptors on the sata channel of the p4p800, tenatively.
    But the way that lawman Murphy you may have heard of seems to think he shares my address with me, I hardly am able to describe the varied difficulties I wish I were able to ask for help regarding...That was a mouth ful. Geez.
    Thanks for the helping responses

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