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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by zeolah, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. zeolah

    zeolah Member

    Jan 9, 2014
    Hello, first post here. Mini background- was a 24/7 writing/recording/playing person, started /w a portastudio one, spent a decade of of intermittent touring. saving when possible, learning much from being that annoying "talent" asking the producer/eng too much.

    Long story short, XP gained from from 1992 (Tascam/MidiVerb land) thru the years added up well-like. By the mid 2000s I had home-studio grade equipment with studio grade instruments. Being a drum and piano teacher in early 20s, The better investments for myself were things like a grand, good (Gretsch/Ludwig old) kits, a-200/suitcase keys and the usual assortment of 6/4 stringed instruments. Things were going well- was doing soundtracks for feature films as well as my own stuff...construction/acoustic treatment and then

    Like a hammer to the head, a string (bad pun) of awful things happened. By 2008ish the music started to go away (my interest in it) and I think 2 years later I went full zombie. Without histrionics my dad died (I did hospice), a year later the big split up, a year after best friend was murdered (a drummer), a niece was, eh, point made.

    Un zombie time. After years of introspection or whatever one does for that, slowly (maybe a year ago) I knew it was time to go back and do music/record again (mandatory!).

    -end personal dramas-

    Ok- so...between the mid 2000s and 2013 a whole lot has changed- my question is how to best go about routing ITB and OTB gear (my novice guess is "danger-something).

    I built a 3930k pc /w 64gb ram, SSD main, 2x raid setups and so on. It runs cool and quiet @ 4.5ghz.

    Gear Stuffs:

    FF UFX
    Chandlier TG2 2x (rack vrs)
    Elektra 500 series EQ
    2 kush/3 Lindell 500 units
    Lynx Hilo ad/da
    Mics etc.

    MOST channels I'd record at once=8

    DAWS- Reaper, Studio One and live

    Am heavy with 8dio strings, all PSAM, LASS etc

    Yamaha 88 key s90es (CC)
    APC 40 (CC)
    MPC (CC)

    now for the ignorance "reveal"!

    (Buzz roll)

    if possible, uh...how/can I have the outboard show up on the daw as a vst-ish fx send?

    Many conflicting reads regarding this issue.

    The dangerous liaison from the 1.5 tube vids I've watched seems like "the solution"- currently a bit pricey but not a deal breaker.

    What of the 2-bus and the difference between the LT version?

    Any other products, recommendations, advice would be GREATLY appreciated...! Hard to find infos on the subject. Most ppl who are hybrid have tri-endo mondo consoles...or 16 channel consoles which are in the 5000-8000USD range. I'm not to hip on having to procure a console unless there's a solution which I'm unaware of.

    Recording others is not important. In the past I'd bask in techaneer detail. Now the priority is having the control room be a composing/recording and mastering* respite. Much of the gear was delivered and sat in boxes. Feel wormhole-ish!

    *before a trounce, I've mastered (no vinyl) glass fer compact disc several times- a skill where much progress was made and then stopped abruptly. I have no idea if the AIO acoustic guitar-songster who does it all ala mbox is still a ridiculously bad idea, or if the whole landscape has changed in some big way due to post-Keynesian loose Econ policy, or China/entire recording studio for 20$ as it were.

    Sorry for the long post.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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