hypercardiods such as Audix OM5 with floor monitors

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    i always thought that if you had a hyper cardiod vocal mic {or super cariod mic for that matter} you had to place the floor monitors to the sides as this is where these mics off axis rejection is the most because any mic with a tighter pattern than a cardiod has a rear lobe pickup. i was reading the spec sheet for the Audix OM5 microphone which has a very tight hypercardiod pickup pattern { the tighter the pickup at the front the bigger the pickup lobe at the back i always understood} and at the bottom is says that the mic is very stable around floor monitors and that you can use them to one side of the mic or directly behind it! and when i looked at the frequency responce chart it showed that at 180° off axis the mics off axix rejection was indeed nearly just as good as 150°! look here


    how can this be??? Shocked
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    The rear lobe on any hyper is not that sensitive nor large. Place floor monitors where you can hear them and EQ them well. You'll get plenty of gain before feedback. I've used the OM5's a lot and they are very nice stage vocal mics if you need a dynamic. Otherwise, I usually use AKG C535EBs for handheld vocals.

    Also if I remember correctly, the higher the number on the Audix, the more directional... The OM7 may have a bigger rear lobe.


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