I am a DJ so how do I get started???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mjatas, Oct 23, 2005.

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    I am not sure if this post goes in here but sorry if it doesn't. Firstly, I am not really a new DJ. I have been going under different names on the net for many years (since 2000) and have many mixes online and have a small record label I am running myself.

    Now I want to promote myself and play almost all types of music and play in my area at weddings and other special events. I have my info on the web attached as a Microsoft Word document. How to promote myself the best way so I get a few customers every month? I want to DJ at least once a week or so to make extra income or maybe even make it full time.

    I do have good equipment ready and everything is set for me. Maybe I need some good advertising? I thought about local newspapers or big newspapers. And what about advertising on the net and which sites are good? I searched on the net, but not a lot of good sites out there. Please any suggestion how to go about doing this? thanks!

    I live in the Toronto, Canada area.
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    Hi there,

    It's pretty difficult to say what you need to do because I don't know Toronto or what style of music you play but I have been DJing for over 10 years now so my advice may help a bit.

    You're right in that you need to promote yourself. I don't play out much any more but when I did I probably spent more time getting gigs than playing them! The local paper should help get gigs for weddings etc. but it is unlikely to get you much else. Your music is your CV so get it out everywhere and keep it up to date if possible. Running the label is great, production will also help you be different from all the other DJ's out there. If you have a few great tracks come through the label consider hanging on to them for 3 months, if you start to get regular gigs people will notice that you seem to play tracks that no-one else is playing and that gives you a USP. Promotion is the key.

    have a look at http:// they do a piece of software which can be personally customised to help you promote your music in the way you want it to. It's well worth checking out.

    Good luck!

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    Well I spin hardcore techno mostly online, but I wish to play all types while deejaying at weddings. Like rock n roll 50's-60's / disco 70's. retro 80's and more! I know I have to promote everywhere but my deejaying for weddings and other special events will be totally different from the label and my online deejaying and I go under a different name. I should start advertising in the local paper and then after where should I go? I want to DJ for at least a few years until I get my label going and start to make money with it, for now I want to DJ at weddings and so on until I make enough money. but where you think is best way to promote? And does the software really work and where can I buy it? Maybe I check out the site. thanks anyways buddy!
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    There are various ways of promoting you as a DJ.First way is recording a mix tape or cd.A mix tape is as easy as hooking up your stereo to the record out on your mixer and pressing the record button. CDs will require a computer with a sound card (for e.g. a Soundblaster Live!) and a CD-writer. Dance music is good because people who have a dance at a club have a good time. Quality dance music gives people another reason to go out. As a good DJ, your job is to please the crowd by giving them something new and interesting to dance to. Giving people tribal beats makes them get up, dance and feel less self-conscious.Or you can promote yourself through local business like flyers,posters etc.

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