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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Todzilla, Jun 29, 2004.

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    May 12, 2003
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    Well, I just gave 'em my credit card.

    I'm getting:
    • G5 dualproc 1.8 w 1.256 RAM 60+120G HD
    • MOTU 896HD
    • DP 4.1.2 (upgrade from Perf)
    for less than $3800, shipped. Pretty good deal, eh?

    I will need advice from y'all as I move my dinosaur analog ass into the digital age. Any thoughts?

    Here's the rest of my setup:

    Space: 4000 cubic feet single room with cathedral ceilings, Ethan Weiner bass traps, and OC703 absorption

    Mics: Neumann U89, 2 X Crown cm700s, SM57, etc...

    Pres: Demeter, Art, Mackie 1202

    Outboard: RNC, dbx 166, lexi lxp-1, alesis garbage

    Monitors: Audix 1As; Hafler 200

    Misc: Yammy promix01 (MOTU control surface?), Tascam DAT machine (for digital conversions?), ADAT blackface (for sharing tracks with buddies?)

    MIDI: Roland D-50, D-550, U-220, MKS-7; Korg prophecy, X5; Emu ESI-32; Peavy Spectrum Organ w/ Motion Sound rotary speaker; Yammy P50

    Gits: '76 Tele deluxe, ibanez strat copy, Takamine acoustic; Mesa Boogie DC-2 amp

    Crap: Fostex R2R, brother's drumset, lots and lots of ancient sound garbling stuff and miles of wire

    Then I have two next-door neighbors with equivalent or better setups.

    Any thoughts?


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