i can't seem to get my record levels up with mbox

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by II, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. II

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    I have an mbox and I'm trying to send a beat I made on my MPC 4000 and when I do the signal is real weak. To hear it I have to turn the gain way up. THis of course results in my other audio tracks that are from my internal hard drive to be way too loud. Any information will e very helpful. I have both the left and right signal coming from the MPC into the 1 and 2 source inputs behind the MBOX. any help will be greatly appreciatted. Thanks
  2. aarontx

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    are you bringing it in on mic, line, or inst...

    the mic level will be extrememly weak on a device like that ... I would suggest using the line level
  3. Also, dont know if the MPC pushes out +4 or -10 but i have a 002R and when i'm recording a source that is too low the best thing to is flip the switch on the back of the 002 down to -10. But i dont know if the MBOX has this feature. Also, How much gain are you getting? in Digital audio you dont need to be too hot. as long as your getting somewhere within the top 12 db you should have a fully usable signal. granted the waveforms wont look as nice but it will be just as clean
  4. II

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    I'm using line and inst. inst. seems to get the loudest volume, but it is still hanging around the lower 3rd of the meter. I'm not sure about the -10 on the mpc, but I know the mbox doesn't have this feature. I'm not really sure what the problem is.

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