I fell on the very start. Please help me ;)

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Nanoman, Jan 9, 2005.

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    Hi there.

    Well, one day I`ll maybe own my home studio, but this is not that day :) Right now I`m totally satisfied with playing my Ibanez RG570 into my PC cause I don`t own my amp today. Yes, it`s very short and narrow but I can`t do any better these days...

    Nevertheless, I was surprised to hear what guitar can do through my Audigy 2 and stand alone versions of Native Instruments Guitar Rig and IK Multimedia Amplitube. It`s just great, I never expected software emulation to sound so good. Here I ran into a problem...I also (beside the Amplitube Live) possess plugin version of the same program, which is much better, it gives to user many more variations, much more amps and cabinets to chose from, so I suspect that sonicly it must be superior too. Stand alone version is pretty closed.

    My problem: I just don`t now how to play my guitar through Cubase SX 2.2.0. I`m a total nerd here, I just don`t realize how to manage and hear the sound through anything. I don`t have any MIDI devices. Usually, I just plug my guitar directly into line in mounted on Audigy2 soundcard and there I play. (soon I`ll buy a Dibox and sonic maximizer). In standalone versions of software amps I just configure ASIO driver and sound is there. Being a newbie, Cubase got me dead confused.

    Please, can someone help me with that, I probably need some detailed explanation cause nothing I tried worked out and MIDI is totally undiscovered area for me, while it seems that Cubase relies on it the most. I managed to open a track, then select some audio and in INSERTS insert Amplitube. It shows up, I can control it totally, but its copmletely silent. On the recording panel VU meter`s are showing up signal when I hit strings, it`s just that nothing really comes out.
    Please help me if you (and I`m sure you do) know how to push this through.

    Really grateful for any helping reply,

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    I don't know if there's a way to do what you're trying to. I've tried and haven't gotten it to work. But what I'll generally do is just record the guitar and then you can hear it with the amp modeling on playback. If you really need to have the amp playing back to you, then try opening up the standalone version so you can hear yourself play and record in Cubase. You may have latency problems, but it should work. The nice thing about software amp modeling is that you can change the amp model as much as you want after the guitar is recorded.

    I don't have a DI box or sonic maximizer. A DI box may be a good idea, but with Guitar Rig, it's unnecessary. You still might want one for recording other things, but the inputs on the Sound Blaster cards are made for guitar. A sonic maximizer can be good, but I've gotten much better results by using a pair of compressors, especially a 5-band and a volume maximizer (essentially a single band compressor/limiter with a normalizing function.)
  3. Nanoman

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    The point is that standalone version is limited and not closely versatile as a plug in.

    No, it works ok...I just want to hear my self play cause I`m left without amp for probably future 7 months..and I really need to play, so this is a perfect escape. Thanks for your help, but I think I made myself clear just now...it`s playing what is the issue now..not recording.
    Thanks for your other advices :)
  4. I would assume that all your questions are answered in the manuals you got when you purchased all that software.
  5. Nanoman

    Nanoman Guest

    You probably are right Andreas, but I already told that I am a bit nerdy when it comes to Cubase :cry: What I need is a friendly help and a few sentences of common sense which I can understand, manual "techie" speech is not helping me much cause I`m greener than you probably think.
  6. Nanoman

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    Dave, here`s the "trick"..it`s so simple...You just have to press the litlle speaker "monitor" button (it goes brown when you do) located on the track which you are using. (It`s right next to record now (red) button).
    Can`t believe I didn`t figured it out earlier :))
    Thanks for your help, Dave

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