I found my favorite drum sound on CD.

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  1. I have been looking for a base drum sound to use for my recordings.

    To those who are old enough to remember.....

    There was a bad called "Free"......Simon Kirk was the drummer. He and Paul Rodgers went on to form Bad Company. Now I think Rodgers is with Queen.........

    Back to drums.

    I just put on the Free live album or excuse me CD. That's the drum sound I want to get...... :lol: now that should take a year to figure out how to get close to that.

    I'm a big fan of the engineer/producer Andy Johns who is also partly responsible for Bohnams sound. He also did a lot of the Stones stuff.

    Simple beautiful old Ludwig kit, perfect snare, kick, toms, and those great Zildjin cymbals.

    It's just what I hear in my music. Not Simon Kirk as much as his drum sound, although he is a solid rock drummer and does exactly what the music needs, no more, no less.
  2. I'd like to hear it. Can you find a link to it anywhere online?
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    Here's Free - Live at the Isle Of Wight:

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OPZ8ta01Mo&feature=related

    A little louder and more ring a little too much.


    A little better...


    There's more on youtube.

    These guys were Jimmy page's favorite band and they influenced all the 70's rock bands just as much as Zeppelin. Including Skyayrd who were doing Free before thye coped the Allman brothers thing a bit, you can hear it in early Skyayrd songs.
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    I wish they'd show a camera looking toward his kick pedal, I wonder if there's a mic on the beater side?

    Big D, I thought you were doing the electronic drum thing?

    Do you have an acoustic kit as well?
  6. No, electric but that's what I'm trying to do make it sound like, that kit.

    Believe it or not I am shocked to find the Yamaha DD-55 bass drum sounds like that, all it needs is a little compression and EQ but the energy and sound is there. Same for the Toms......cymbals and snare are terrible.

    I hope the Roland HPD can come up with better snare and cymbal sounds. So far it has a great hi-hat.

    I know I can do it as long as I have the sound in my head and time to work the processors. I have a lot of ideas on how to do it especially with the cymbals.

    No matter what I have heard electronic drums on recordings and I know it's electronic. Nothing beats a real kit but that's just not happening for me. So I will work it until I'm happy with the results even if it takes years.....time is all I have... :wink:
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    Well, that's good.

    Good luck to you!

  8. Maybe some day in the future if I don't get the results I want i will have to go midi and use some of the new programs coming out all the time.

    Maybe some day they will have a program for your favorite guitar player or drummer. Take all the recordings of that player and analyze it, then have the program put a lead break or drum beat in there.

    You can have anybody play drums or guitar for you, nobody will ever have to learn how to play an instrument again. Just press a few buttons, that would be a sad day.
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    Well, I am certainly old enough to remember...

    " Well Mr. Big....alllright...You better watch out.....And dont you hang around".......

    BigDaddy. We're all gonna help as much as we can. I know the gear you have now and that makes it much easier as well as how you see it being used.

    Heres something to try. All of your modules have individual outs Y/N ? At least four if I remember .....Anyway...

    Kik> output the kick by itself to one of your outs on the module. You know that these sounds in the boxes have all sorts of digital manipulations done to them already so adding some of your own will either make it or mush it up so start small.....Run this sound through that old Orban Parasound. (Gawd I love those things!!!) Theres just enough grit and analog in that box to get that sound into the realm of tape compression. You dont really need to use the EQ all that much...maybe a flavoring in the highs for some snap (this will show its value at the mix later on) but simply running it through this circuit is gonna give you stuff you cant get anywhere else.

    Snare. Find the snare you hate the least. Output it separately.... Mono on all this BTW..... Run it through the dbx166. Trash it completely. Get the speakers to excurse a considerable amount. Yes, its just like the old days...especially when you're looking for that old days sound.

    On top of this, find a snare sound that has a snap and an almost completely loose snares sound in it. Digital would be to search through the hiphop sounds for this. Add it to the oldskool crushed snare. Use the UA plugs and use a filter with a tube type of EQ. Ya know, Pultec or something....You're going to be cutting most likely.... You may find magic there.

    Since time is all we have, spend it on your search.

    I dont know if you'll get what you want out of this, but maybe it'll open a window through which will flow the answer.

    Yer friend....dadogg

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