I gained 10db headroom with new P4 system

Tommy P.

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Jan 10, 2002
Go figure. Over at seasoundaudio.com, we've been working collectively to write drivers and improve our Seasound Solo 24/96(SS went out of business, it was Tom Oberheim's company).

The problem with it, and some other soundcards as well, is the electrical interference reflected back into the 5VDC rails of the PCI bus(where the cards draw thier power from). The Solo was the worst of the lot, giving a shameful -68db VU reading (using Wavelab, record enabled, 16/96, refreshing meters, hard drives spinning, mouse movement, ect.)

So I built an isolated balanced AC transformer system( its like the Equi-tech unit only costs much less if you do it yourself)with a 50 ampere line filter in front of it.

In the meantime, we've been designing a jitter control circuit to get clock deviance down to less than 5 picoseconds, adding word clock output, and a discrete 5VDC power supply for the Solo that would get us to 95% of the converters true potential. Not to mention chucking the god-awful 1284 printer cable they (former seasound engineers)thought would be OK for transfering digital audio.

So what is Tommy P. ranting about here you ask? ;)

Tommy P.


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Apr 7, 2001
Very Interesting......
Too bad for Tom Oberheim..he's a mathematical wizard..that man will make your head spin when he talks...
The SeaSound was a good idea but lacked quality assurance! Oh well..Glad you got yours quiter just by building the Opus2000SDFC!! lol
By the way...I'm making stickers that will call my machines the SDFC2000!!!! WHen I make them I'll let you all know and take requests for some!!