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  1. And I can hear the screaming from here. Sorry for putting ya'll throught this again, but I am again in the market for recording equipment. This is what I'm looking at currently: an ART USB dual preamp interface ($100 from Musician's Friend), and some simple mic. Looking at around $200 for the whole setup, including any needed accesories. I need an instrument mic first, because I can make it work for vocals with the stuff I have lying around the house, and I can't do the opposite as easily. If I absolutly must, I could save a while longer, and pay $200 for just the interface and mic. I have another project to save for after this, so I'm looking to not spend too much on this one. Thanks for not killing me for the return, and I'll try not to be a pain this time. Also, thanks for any help you could throw my way, and sorry for the long post.
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    And what pray tell might you learn that you did not in the 200+ reply post you had going on the same subject?
  3. I thought there might be some newer cheaper stuff that was at least as good as the stuff recommended to me earlier. I assume the recommendation is still the Presonus Firebox and a Shure SM57, judging by your reply. I was also hoping to hear whether or not that ART interface was good, it seems to be new, and I haven't found any reviews as of yet. Oh, and 150-185 of those 200 posts were useless (mostly me being too cheap for my own good).
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    There are dozens of ways to start a fire. (rub two sticks together, flint & steel, matches, bic, zippo, ... flamethrower) They'll all start a fire. Whether you cook dinner or burn the house down is up to you and how you use it.

    If you want cheaper stuff, buy cheaper stuff. It's your money.

    You have been given good advice, but you don't want advice, you want affirmation.

    Here ya go, here's your affirmation.... GO FOR IT!

    Buy something, read the manual, learn how to use it, make music.
  5. Not exactly affirmation. I just basically wanted a review. Pros and cons. That's all. I have matured a bit since the last time I was here, and I'm deeply sorry for the ruckus I caused before. I ask for forgiveness, and don't really expect it. If I can't get it, I'll leave you all in peace, and you won't hear from me again. If you could find it in your hearts to pass a little mercy my way, I'll do my best not to hurt the site any more than I already did.
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    You did not hurt anyone or anything, you don't need to be forgiven. No hard feelings what so ever. I personally will not rehash a subject that was discussed ad nauseum at which point you decided to buy a guitar, which was fine also. Reread your old thread because there were multiple suggestions for interfaces not just the Firebox, your budget really has not changed significantly and neither has the marketplace.
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    Reviews are hard to get, I imagine.

    Anyone who buys cheap probably doesn't know better, and anyone who does know better probably doesn't buy cheap (or have to).

    BTW, you call that a long post?
    THIS is a long post!
  8. All right, will do, and thanks guys. And, that's hilarious, code. Love the sarcasms and puns. Can't get enough of 'em.
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    For $100 (perhaps less used, tho' you run the risk of a counterfeit), you can get an SM57 mic. Works fine for vocals and instruments (and has done so for decades).

    Now, I'm not familiar with the USB Art, and I wouldn't expect brilliant sound from any interface that retails new for $100 (certainly, my mobilePre creates sound, but quality it ain't).

    If I knew then what I know now, I'd get an m-audio Delta 44 used from fleaBay (which I did -- $70), and a used DMP3 as well (if I could find one). They're $135 and $160 new, respectively.

    Yes, that's higher than your budget but, I suspect, better sound than USB Art is going to provide -- good enough that if you don't like what you record, you won't be able to blame the preamp or the converter.


    - Richard

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