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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by unplugged_unsigned, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. I have done very simple acoustic recordings for about 10 years but now I would like to take it to the next level. I moved to nashville a couple years ago as a songwriter and allways did my own songwriter demo's. I was under the impression that recording on a computer based platform was amaturish so I never really explored the capabilities. Now I feel like I wasted a long time I could have been learning.

    Anyway here is my basic setup and its the same basic setup I have used for years.

    I record on Magix Audio Studio, Cheap but decent Superlux mic, Perception 200 mic, a couple sm57s. I interface with a Peavey 6 channel non-powered mixer (1/8" Stereo jack into sound card), and moniter with a pair of M-audio bx5's.

    That is basicaly it. I know its probably hardly worth throwing away to most people but its all I've got.

    I figured my first step was to get a diff DAW I have played with a little and like Sonar.

    Then maybe diff Interface but what? How much should I spend? I dont want to get fancy. I just need something to get good quality warm acoustic demo's for my publisher.

    My problem with my current set up is its just to harsh and/or digital. I would like a warmer sound.

    I've been told that maybe all I need is to invest in a better mic and better mastering sofware. Is this true?

    Any way you can hear some live (not track by track) recordings of my set up and tell me what you think I need. Maybe some tips. Tell me theres no hope or whatever lol.


    Thanks Isaac
  2. RemyRAD

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    Sep 26, 2005
    Without a decent external audio interface, you're recording was remarkably good. Probably because you were utilizing your computers line input? You had the right intelligence.

    I found your recording quite good. And had a nice ambient acoustic feel with just the right amount of intimacy. That's hard to do. But you nailed it with your limited tools. This means, better tools won't necessarily equate to recordings that will be any better? They'll be different. But with what you're doing now, some of the inadequacies may in fact be providing you with that lovely ambient feel? It's my only suggestion would be to invest in one of those 8 microphone input units from companies like Presonus? These particular units offer some reasonable microphone preamps of which, you can record 8 inputs simultaneously infusion so desire. It is also included with bundled software such as CubasLE. This will take you to your next professional engineering plateau as your capabilities will be greatly enhanced. And your microphone preamps may be an order of magnitude better sounding?

    Your microphone selection appears to be a fair amount of variety. My only suggestion would be to have 2 of each? You may want to continue to use your PA mixer as a sort of monitor controller. You've got a reasonable control room monitor speaker. Probably one of the reasons why your work already sounds so good. Good references. So I think you're doing everything right. But dump the cheap software and get your self that FireWire 8 microphone input unit. Everything will become more magical instantly. If you want a couple of more microphones? Get yourself a couple more 57's and some foam pop filters. So that interface will run you under $800.

    I feel like a country girl ?
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. IIRs

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    Oct 23, 2005
    I haven't listened to your example as I'm currently sat in an airport bar. However, you say you are making acoustic demos of your songs, so I'm guessing that an 8 input interface might be overkill... I would suggest a Mackie Onyx Satellite, as you can pick them up very cheap these days, and they will probably provide all the features you need: 2 inputs would allow you to record acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time, and the built-in preamps are extremely respectable for the money. Plus you get a copy of Tracktion 2 thrown in, which has a shallower learning curve than most comparable DAW apps while still allowing for good quality results.
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