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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by webtroy, Jun 27, 2005.

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    I just picked up a Presonus Firepod.. ugh.. I wish i could fork out the cash for the RME Fireface 800 .. another 1000$ i couldn't afford at the moment.. and hopefully it will have some trade in value when i do get the cash for the RME ..

    made in china.. vs made in germany.. HMMM... schiesse!

    anyways.. lol

    i use it for my DAW.. it does sound great.. i'm sure there is better..but it does the trick for now..

    just wondering what kind of EQ's and Compressors you guys recommend.. i've been reading this forum, and it seems you's know what your talkin about..

    also.. outboard eq's and compressors versus software.... the more gear in the signal path can reduce sound quality. depending on the quality of the gear.. but can software cut it.. or is it a matter of PRE/POST eq'ing and compression? ..

  2. webtroy

    webtroy Guest

    well.. thanks for replying.. hmmph..
  3. Reggie

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    Dec 20, 2004
    Name your budget before people start throwing out words like "El Op" and " LA2A" etc.

    A crappy compressor/EQ will probably lose quality but a good one should make it sound better.
    Many people prefer hardware to software. Some people are fine with software. What you prefer and your skill with it are most important.
  4. Midlandmorgan

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    Jul 21, 2002
    And so it begins....all over again.

    The Firepod is a GREAT tool, when taking into account what it can do, what it CAN'T do, and so on. I bought one in a crunch time emergency, and have been 95% please with it...the converters are really much better than you could have ever hoped, for the price; the pres are very clean and uncolored (I often use just the FP pres when doing classical recordings...they are that clean and clear.)

    True, the FP does NOT have Totalmix, etc...nor does it have ADAT IO capability (this annoys me a bunch)...nor can it work with ANY other audio IO device on the firewire chain....

    Using it as a converter system and using the line ins with my in studio pres and comps, the thing is wonderful.

    Yes, I would have bought the RME at the time, if the cash Gods would have been smiling on me...but they weren't...

    The key here is understanding WHAT is was designed for, what limitations were implemented to stay at a certain price point, and knowing how to work around the issues...from what I've read at the RME newsgroups, the RME has its own set of issues....as does PTHD, tape, Radar, whatever.

    Nothing is perfect....but I really feel the FirePod is a better unit than most give credit....and I don't mind 'taking the heat' for using it - the results are in the final product: the client's music.

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