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  1. I have a song, that was produced, written and recorded by me. I am really happy with this one, and i guess this would be my best mix. Everytime that I hear it played back I kind of get this urge to do something with it cuase it sounds so good. I have thought about sending it to a record company, but I know they will probably throw it away in the trash when i send it to them, and I dont want that. I was thinking radio, but then again how is someone so low in status among the music business going to get this song on the radio. so i said no to that. and at this point I am pretty much stupped for ideas and i have no where to send this song out and no where to put it, I know there is someone out there that could tell me if its good or not and maybe that someone is you reading or a friend you know, please i need input on this song badly, beacause I know if someone hears it they will like it and want to do something with it as well.

    if any of you would like to take a listen to see what I have:


    you will have to right click on that link and then click on "save target as" to save it to your hard drive and then listen.

    I would love to hear you feedback on this song, and please let me know if you, or someone else knows someone that might take this song in as a good song and a potential record deal.

    Thanks :)

    ..... Andy
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    The link doesn't work ... what I see after I click on it is ...
    Not Found
    The requested object does not exist on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it. Please inform the site administrator of the referring page.
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    Perhaps your ISP is paranoid about hosting mp3 files. :shock:
  4. no theres nothing wrong, in fact i feel like im surrounded by a bunch of noobs. : ) no offense. I do web design and everything web based as an alternative hobby to the musc i make and the songs i write.

    use this link instead

  5. Thomas W. Bethel

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    Ok I listened to the song. Nice job overall.


    Intro is too long

    Vocals are buried

    Needs to be mastered to bring out the best quality

    Sounds repetitive and does not move along or evolve

    Overall not bad.

  6. Edu Zappa

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    who's the drummer???sometimes get stucked, not so much grip..... there was a metronome????.....the vocals sounds nice until the end of the 4th measure (of the melody's line), then, seems like theres a couple notes out of tune, or something out of scale..... the guitar riff is the best element in this song, but you keep repeating it..... there's not even a single modulation, the crash-comp is not good..... the mix sounds too thin, unbalanced, and if it was a really good tune, I'd say, even if it was recorded in 2 tracks with one broken mic while rehearsing..... you started the vocals on the second measure, never start something on the 4th or second measure, you're broking the physic law!!!always 4 or 8, or 16 measures to intro, then, on the 5th, 9th or 17th start the lyrics or whatever.... then you can sing during 8, 16, 32 bars....then, on the 9th, 17th, or on the 33th you will place your bridge or the chorus or whatever, feel the metric, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64..... never count!!!!.... you must feel when it's time to change..... but try to make the chorus on a diferent harmony, even if you won't modulate to a diferent key, try to use the others chords of the dyatonic progression..... try to bring climax to your song.... so, if the song is agressive, put something calm in the middle, if it's calm, build some ambience to make it agressive after a couple measures..... but, even if I'd know the most important person from music business in the world, I wouldn't send it to him...... you know why???..... cuz I know that it's not something that they will like.... it doesn;t mean it's bad..... there's a couple mistakes, but there's a potential in you, but this song is not so diferent of other stuffs.... so, keep doing it, never quit, think always that you'll overcome what you already did.... just my honest advice....
  7. by

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    good work, just keep at it man!
  8. KTek

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    awesome man! keep it up.
  9. Randyman...

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    I'd say pretty good for a "one man band" and a "one man production". A good, basic tune.

    I agree with the hard limiting/squashing - it is a BIT too much. This could possibly be a mix bus overload as well.

    The vocals do need to come up a hair (likely 3-4 dB), and some more "oomph" will help balance out the somewhat thin sound.

    As for where to go now - I have no suggestions there - sorry :(

    Better than what I could do if I was doing everything! What equipment did you use for the production - just curious... :cool:
  10. heyman

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    Great song.. I would re-record this but have someone else play the drums while you lay down Bass/vox... I like the sound of guitars as well...

    Vox have to come up a little as mentioned...

    The cymbals especially sound very hyped and washed to the point where they dont seem to decay...

    Overall, great song.. reminds me of Jay Mascis/Dinosaur Jr..

    Keep it up...

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