I like the techniques used in some of these songs...

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by tofumusic, Sep 14, 2004.

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    How do they do it??

    Avril Lavigne - I'm With You: The only way I can describe what really catches my ear with this song is 'close miking'.. I mean the guitars and drums just sound like the mic was placed inside the instrument. I know I know, it's probably just a very high quality mic, or a combination of them- but I have no idea how to achieve a sound like this.. Very cool!

    Just about every single BJork song has something very interesting in it, plus her voice in my opinion is amazing. Her songs just seem to be so well thought out and cleverly arranged.

    Brad Paisley - Celebrity: Halarious lyrics, and just sounds good. I really like the quality of sound.. .

    Brad Paisley - Little Moments Like That: One thing about Brad Paisley's songs, the vocals are always great sounding..

    Craig Morgan - Almost Home - Again, awesome vocals and guitars..

    Diamond Rio - What A Beautiful Mess - 2:40, that's a telephone effect right? That was pretty cool... Again vocals are cool..

    Dido: Always sounds so .. wide? roomy? spacious? I dunno the word I'm looking for maybe it's one of those but "White Flag" and "Don't Leave Home" are I think 2 good examples. I think this is from the strings, orchestral and harmonies(?)...

    Could go on and on . . Anyone have any great sounding songs/groups they could recommend for studying/example/ technique?
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    Can't say in regards to Bjork ... not a listener of her stuff ... (she's a freakin elfin troll) ... but the rest of the stuff you mentioned is a very heavely" auto tuned" .. The Diamond Reo song especially ..

    Avril Lavigne is very good ... excellent production .. the teen angst thing is starting to wear out ... Your right ... close miced, with good mics, comps and pres.. great rooms, instruments, amps and drums, well produced ... everything tweaked until it's just right ... a lot of elements play into it .. bottom line your not going to get it with budget gear... it's got that last 10% that comes with a big budget.

    I'm a fan of Brad Paisely too and just about any other country act that is taking it back to the traditional side.. I love "I'm Gonna Miss Her" ... My wifes Uncle Jack Trent, played with some of the country greats in the 50's and he turned me on to okie music when I was a rocker in my 20's ... ... He played and recorded with Jim Reeves, Ferlin Husky ... Patsy Cline. He introduced us both to Merle Haggard and Buck Owens ... we got to meet the band members too .. Bonnie Owens, Norm Hammlett, Roy Nicholes is still one of my all time favorite guitar players ... what a thrill ... just as good as meeting a Beatle..
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    Jul 25, 2004
    money baby... :twisted:
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