I need advice on a new socketA mobo...

Discussion in 'Computing' started by digdug, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. digdug

    digdug Guest

    What is in your opinion the best socketA mobo for AUDIO.

    I severely do not want any onboard sound or video or NICs, All they do is cause problems...

    Ive been using ASUS boards all my life. But Id like to see what yall think.

    Im using an AMD XP2000+ 1.7ghz(266) chip...
    If you can use 266 chips on 333 boards or higher those would be fair game for me aswell for future expandability. If not 266 boards are fine.

    AGP8x would be nice, but not needed yet.
    USB2.0 good, Firewire a PLUS.
  2. digdug

    digdug Guest


    Link removed

    Link removed

    All have optional onboards...
    How are the SiS and Nforce2 Chips for audio?
  3. MisterBlue

    MisterBlue Member

    Mar 15, 2003
    I have good experience with ECS K7S5A PRO MoBo's (although someone here just recently complained about a "fried board" - don't know what's behind that story). http://www.ecsusa.com/products/k7s5a_pro.html

    The board is using an SiS 735 chipset, has USB2.0, onboard audio and NIC but all components are easily disabled in the bios and have caused me no trouble whatsoever. There is no firewire built-in and the AGP is 4x.
    The board is a pretty good deal lately, I've seen it for around $50-60. I am running 3 of them by now myself and have recommended this MoBo to a number of people for DAW's and GigaStudio systems that all seem very happy with their systems (and the price they paid).

    In any case - if you prefer a more expensive Asus board - the SiS 735 chipset is in my view a proven solution for audio. Just make sure to get an "audio-friendly" video card.

    Just my opinion,

  4. Sklathill

    Sklathill Guest

    I'm currently using a FIC AU11 with an MAudio Delta Audiophile 2496. Even with the NIC and onboard sound still enabled, I still get 0 problems with sound quality or latency in Sonar. Nforce2 boards seem to be doing really well for audio, and the fact that they're getting really cheap (less than 100 for a board that's not totally barbones) helps out too... :)
  5. digdug

    digdug Guest

    I dont want any onboard audio NICs or video.

    I know you can disable them in the bios and in system devices. But ive allways had problems with them so im very turned off but the fact that they are there...
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