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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by taz2008, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. taz2008

    taz2008 Guest

    Hi, I am new here :) i'v started recording some vocals and at the moment i'm using just a $10 headset to record my vocals. and i want something that records with better quality. I have little knowledge in musical equipments. I understand that i need a preamp ( i just want to record my vocal) and a mic? but im using a standard pc soundcard. do i need adopters for the pre-amp? are there are any that give adopters with it or dont need adopters? my pc is 3 years old and is pentium 4.

    My budget is under $300 for the preamp n the mic and adopters if necessary. I use audacity to record and edit and fruity loops to mix. i looked at a few alternatives.

    . M-Audio USB MICs . Are they any good?
    . Samson C01U Condenser USB Microphone
    . Behringer B1 Single Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone
    . Audio Technica AT2020 Studio Microphone

    .Behringer XENYX 802 Mixer

    plz advise me on what I should get and if its not above where can i get it from? and also do i need adopters? and how do i set them up? thanks

  2. Greener

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    I'd suggest saving up a little more and getting a 2 port usb pre and a Sure SM58 microphone.

    There are plenty of cheap 2 port usb preamps out there. I have an Edirol UA-25 and it's as slick as pig sh... Yeah... I mean I like it.

    Anyways, I suggest you buy it from an actual shop with some sort of returns policy because if you can't get it to work on your budget PC you may need to swap for a different make/model.
  3. GeckoMusic

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    Of the gear you are looking at, I would only really consider the AT2020. (not the USB version) The others are... not so good.

    Instead of getting a pre amp, I would recommend getting an audio interface that has a built in pre amp. USB microphones are very convenient, and the quality will be better than your headset, however I would recommend not using one.

    The M-Audio Fast Track Pro Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface and the MXL 3000 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Would pair well, and get you good results. You would also need an XLR cable, a microphone stand, and a pop screen.

    I have the MXL3000. It's not Nuemenn or Rode of course, but it is great for the price.

    If your room is not treated (and has a nasty slap back ring when you clap) then you may want to use a Sure SM58 instead of the MXL3000.

    [edit]Looks like Greener and I posted at about the same time. Good thing we said about the same thing[/edit]
  4. taz2008

    taz2008 Guest

    thanks alot guys..i think im gonna get that interface and the shure mic :)
  5. taz2008

    taz2008 Guest

    ok i checked out the price in two websites which are based in Australia (which is where I am). they are selling M-Audio Fast Track Pro 4x4 Mobile USB Audio / MIDI Interface for $319 and thats too much for me. are there any cheaper usb interfaces for vocal recording? or are there any place in Aus where they sell it for cheaper? thanks
  6. Greener

    Greener Guest

    Where in Aust are you? Tazzy?
  7. taz2008

    taz2008 Guest

    no im in sydney. i looked up this website called brava music. and they are selling m-audio fast track USB for $160 and M-audio Soundcheck for $80. so that comes to a good price for me. what do you reckon? and the mic comes with the cable n i guess i wont need to buy anything else
  8. EricUndead

    EricUndead Guest

    Not unless you get hooked.........
  9. taz2008

    taz2008 Guest

    what do you mean?
  10. GeckoMusic

    GeckoMusic Guest

    I'm definitely hooked. A larger portion of my paycheck than I would care to admit goes into gear .

    I haven't used any M-Audio microphones, so I can't really speak for them. Everything else I have from M-Audio is great, so I would be surprised if it is not a good value. If you can find a Sure SM57 or SM58 you will be using a microphone that many professionals swear by.
  11. Greener

    Greener Guest

    The fast track looks cool. Dunno about the mic though.
    If you record some cool electric guitar, you may want to re-amp it if you can find someone with a cool amp. That mic may work. A 58 is a better bet though. I payed 130 for my 57, retail. That's under 300.
  12. EricUndead

    EricUndead Guest

    Unless you get hooked on gear then-

    that won't be all you "Need".
  13. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    while I have and use many other mic's and may never own one myself, I haved to admit that the AT2020 is good and decent mic that I would prefer over most of, if not all of, the same kind of mic's in it's price range.

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