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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Frankie_G, Oct 30, 2004.

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    Ok...im in a predicament right now, ive just received 2000 dollars, im looking to make beats and the hottest beats out there....and im debating on getting the MPC 2000xl or the Roland Fantom X6...if everyone can leave there opinions, that would be very helpful...or even some basic info on either of them...Thank You!
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    Jul 2, 2002
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    One post, in one place will do the trick. Please don't post a subject on more than one forum ... it's called "cross posting" or "flooding" and is considered to be impolite ...

    I have deleted your posts in the other three forums where you posted.

    thanks, :cool: 8)
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    This is just personal opinion but I prefer working in a software environment like Sonar as opposed to a hardware environment. I work with a guy who has an MPC an it's cool and all but to me, his workflow is too cumbersome. Have you considered a sequencer with drum samplers/synth modules? For instance Cakewalk Sonar and LinPlug's RMIV?

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