I need help with a mixing / summing soution....

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by DrShann, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Hello again all.

    I am trying to figure out what would meet my mixing requirements.

    The gap I'm trying to fill is the following:

    Mics -> Hardy M1 (3 channel) and Focusrite Liquid Channel -> LynxTWO cards -> DAW -> LynxTWO cards (DA) ->

    GAP for analog mixing and summing solution - insert recommendation here...

    -> LynxTWO cards (AD) -> DAW

    I am only planning to use 4 channels i.e. 1 vocal, 2 acoustic guitar and 1 room.

    To date I've been looking at the Mackie Onyx, but I've started reading about higher end units like the Manley 16 x 2 and the Chandler MINI TG mixer etc.

    In all cases, I would be paying for more than I need i.e. I don't need any more preamps and I don't need to be able to handle more than the 4 channels.

    I need 4 channels
    I need high quality EQs
    I need high quality summing

    So, here's the question - are there units of the same quality of the Manley (etc.) that would fulfil my needs without making me pay for features and # of channels that I don't need?

    E.g. are there modular units that you could recommend? (this could be ideal if my requirements grow in the future).

    Budget is up to $3000.


  2. heyman

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    We are looking for a summing solution because are mixes are a little washy while summing insode the daw.

    2 possiblites right now-

    Rolls Fulcrom
    Dangerous music 2-bus

    Both can handle 16 ins- so you are covered for the future

    Both are well regarded as far sound quality in Summing

    Eq's, well you are gonna have to look for an additonal unit for this.

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