I need help with drums!!!

Discussion in 'Drums' started by CountrySinger, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. I am using Protools 5.3.1 and I have Sampletank 2 XL and need some easy ways to make some drum tracks. I have heard lots about loops and stuff, as well as I could run a midi beat through Sampletank perhaps. Can anyone walk me through using samples and stuff, or post some good sites for samples and how to use them. I am just not a drummer.
  2. Nobody makes drums tracks with anything other than sticks??
  3. Kev

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    Nov 13, 2001
    but most often I do use sticks with a D4 and then record that as midi

    then edit the midi and map to Reason or external modules like JV1080 and its drum cards and old Sample Cell cards

    Loops generally only inspire me to a drum pattern written with sticks or fingers on the keyboard
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    Hey, I just replied to someone elses post about programming drums. I don't want to re type.

  5. What about sequencing?

    Does no one here use a VSTi based drum program and use Cubase/Nuendo/Host Sequencer to sequence beats.

    I find it pretty easy to do this and avoid having to import beats or programs or use ReWire to get the beat in my host program.
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    Can't you just roll your own?? I've recorded many demos with drums that were created from scratch using a decent MIDI keyboard and MIDI sound source. Just multi track the drum parts like bass & snare on one track, hihats and cymbals on another or whatever suits.. I also use an Octapad to record tracks with sticks (as I am a drummer) - and you can get a better feel into it - but - I have worked with a (Berklee trained) keyboard player/composer/recording engineer who records his drum tracks from his keyboard - and he gets amazing results.. and if you can't keep a beat there's always 'quantize'

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