I Need help with PreSonus StudioOne Artist DAW. 1st post by NooB.

Discussion in 'Computing' started by ConchoBill, May 9, 2012.

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    May 7, 2012
    First, I am a home recording dummie. I am an old guy who has been playing guitar a long time, and have been fascinated by recording, but have done very little of it. I am one of the many who would like to go into a studio, sit down with an engineer and record.

    However, with all of the computer technology available to help us record, it seems kinda crazy not to take advantage of it. Because of bang for the buck, I bought a PreSonus 4 channel Audiobox interface, and it came with bundled software.

    I guess the first question is, does the driver seem to be working well enough? I reinstalled it at PreSounus' boilerplate instruction, with a download. When I started up StudioOne, it didn't find the audiobox at first and upon retry, seemed to find it. Honestly, I haven't started up Studio One since I did this because of the "bigger problem".

    Being a beginner I don't know how to make a loop, and I am no kind of drummer either. So I need some drum loops at least, if I want to record the usual sort of stuff I do. All of the plugins that came with StudioOne are not working now. There has been a problem with the installation of the plugins. I contacted PreSonus by calling them, and the person helping me said someone would get back with me. That was yesterday. I have contacted them over the web about it (yesterday as well) and am waiting on that.

    Any help I can get to get these plugins working and get to recording would be greatly appreciated. And this computer (not the one I am using for recording) is not playing online videos worth a flip.


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