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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by mrocco182, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. mrocco182

    mrocco182 Guest

    I made this post in the wrong section, I meant to make it in this one so dont suspend my account please but here it is :

    Hey everyone,

    I have a problem. I really want to get a distortion like the one in the song that I put in below. I have a gibson les paul faded, b-52 head with a crate cab. I want to get my sound as close to this as possible, for the lowest price. Any suggestions? Please help. Any suggestions on pedals? Settings. And when I record it any compression ideas or any effects? Thanks in advance.


    (i spelt silverstein wrong in the tag of the .mp3 :oops: )
  2. frob

    frob Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2004
    are you talking about the lead or rythim there are two guitlars in that clip.
  3. mrocco182

    mrocco182 Guest

    Well if you could, help me with both. But lead for now. I like the way they both sound, I just don't know how to get either. Please help. Thanks.
  4. rorXkevin

    rorXkevin Guest

    Re: Silverstein Sound

    First of all. I <3 Silverstein and their sound. Silverstein uses Marshall on Marshall, and that gets pricey pretty quick. I use a Excalibur Crate Head with a nice Crate cab, and it sounds very close to the sound I think your looking for. B-52's are actually modeled after Marshalls, so what I would say, is get a nicer cab. Some crate cabs are nice, but alot of them, particularly the newer ones, are horrible. If you get like a nice Marshall cab, or if your on a low budget, I'd even suggest a Behringer cab. They look bad, but if your just using it for recording, you'll get the sound you want. We just recorded last wkend in my band, and I used a JCM triple lead series from Marshall. You'd be surprised how some of the high end Marshalls don't even get the tone you think they do. When you hear them, they sound kind of bad. But once the engineer does his work, its completely different. Anyways, I would just get a nicer cab, B-52's are great. Especially the tube amps. If that doesn't work, try a Crate Excalibur head. They aren't sold in stores anymore, but you can get one pretty new on Ebay.com for pretty darn cheap. The Crate GX900H, (or something like that) is the same thing.
    Good luck,
    Kevin of Realm of refuge
    p.s. New recordings up in about 1 wk., but you can check out the tone of my Crate at www.geocities.com/realmofrefuge/fiery.mp3[/url]
  5. Read this:


    digest it. Then, if you don't want to kill yourself, read it again.

  6. pantonality

    pantonality Active Member

    Nov 4, 2003
    Urbandale, Iowa
    Home Page:
    Hey Shotgun,

    First time poster (or first time in along time), but I've lurked for a while.

    That thread was referenced in another thread (your is more entertaining) but the other was more of an archive (http://www.badmuckingfastard.com/sound/slipperman.html). However, the archived thread begins at the premise that the dimwit wielding the poor excuse for an oar with tuning pegs (forgive me for emulating Slipperman) is actually happy with his sound. I don't get that impression with mrocco.

    The suggestion to get a new cabinet basically means your speakers suck. Now I haven't listened to the clips (I'm at work) so I don't know what sound mrocco is going for. I worked for Celestion a decade and a half ago so I know a bit about guitar speakers. I tried a bunch of them looking for a great 12" combo amp speaker that would give me a fat chunka chunka sound and scream on leads. I put a Classic Lead 80 in a 50 watt solid state Marshall combo amp and it sounded much better than the stock G12M-70 that was there before. The difference was that the Classic Lead has a 50 ounce ceramic magnet, it gets a lot more gauss in the gap than a smaller magnet. More gauss means a stronger motor for deeper low frequency extension (and more low end transient and higher efficiency). The Vintage 30 (really a 70 watt speaker) also has a 50 ounce magnet. So if the original poster is looking for a sound with more low end (and more low end transient) then one of these speakers with a heavier magnet is where I'd start looking. But the usual advice to use your ears is valid here as well.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Hiya Pantone Matching System, how in the ^#$% are ya? Don't worry, the redness and swelling will go down eventually.

    Well, I sure can't blame you for your assumptions. Oh wait, actually I can, they're yours, so you're entirely to blame.

    Anyhooters, I think what you're probably overlooking is that if the barenaked truth were to be told, ole Morocco Mole probably has a plethora of problems well upstream of being happy or not with his amp sound at the time of red button mash-age.

    It is entirely possible that his speakers DO suck. However, it is equally probable that is technique sucks, his guitar sucks, his strings are old, he can't play in tune, or any combination thereof. That is, I think the esoteric parameters of this speaker versus that with respect to gauss, flux (with or without capacitance) is probably the very least of Morocco Mole's problems.

    And to be quite fair, our friend Kevin the r0x0r is gushing about Crate amps for crying out loud. Let's not go assuming a perfectly matched Crate system is going to be the panacea, much less just the cabinet.

    Bottom line for you, Morocco Mole, is to first of all make sure you're playing $*^t that sounds like silverslime or whatever they are (who I do not heart) in the first place. If you're not at least close, there's no trickery in the world that's going to make you sound like it. Now if we got into some discussion of how this recording was done in and of itself regardless of how YOU would achieve similar results, that's another thing entirely. And much easier to deduce.

    But, all in all, I think the one piece of wisdom we can ALL take away from this thread is:

    "I'd even suggest a Behringer cab. They look bad, but if your just using it for recording, you'll get the sound you want."

    Everyone's pal,

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