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  1. diminish

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    Here is my current setep, not that great:

    Pioneer DJM-600 Mixer using Record Out (RCA) going to Creative Extigy external card (mini jack). I know your laughing already.... I'm using Wavelab to record. If I play back through the same setup it sounds like the original recording. However, if I play it back through any other stereo it sounds horrible. Everything sounds like its at the same level, no bass, no highs.. No Punch!!! I realize i'm not going to get studio quality sound with this setup, but i'm sure I can achieve listenable quality with my current setup. Any tips, advice that can be provided would be a huge help.

  2. axel

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    hm... not shure, thou...
    the pioneer mixers totally suck even for DJ use, they are sonically about the worst piece of (DJ) gear i know around... and totally overpriced, i always wondered why they are so much used by Dj's, but maybee it's because they are very sturdy built, but that's all!
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    You get better help when you post with a specific posting subject and not the general clueless desperate approach...
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    Not true. I've used DJM 600 and 500 and they are the best in the market. I am a DJ ande producer and I can say they are the best around. As for your problem I have no idea, I can not help you, however change your title to your problem.
  5. Most DJ mixers apply the "smiley face". And as for Pioneer, its a name thing. Pioneer ranks about the same as Behringer (if not lower) in terms of quality.
  6. axel

    axel Guest

    yes Brian, absolutely...
    i have Dj-ed for many years myself... and pioneer are sonically absolute on the utterly lowest level.
    i know that they are very common and well sold mixers, but hey mind you Mc Donald's is as well...
    they are very, very sturdy build, but that's all.
    also with no offend, but i have hardly experienced DJ's with really good ears. most are happy when it's loud and the EQ filters into harsh nastyness... but that's by all respect to the art of Dj-ing just my experience.

    ecler, rodec, urei, etc. that's sonic quality
  7. I've also DJ'd a few years myself. I used Stanton, Gemini, American DJ, Behringer, Urei, Pioneer, and Radio Shack. I would actually rank the Radio Shack above Pioneer from my experience with it.

    I did a couple of parties where "experienced" DJ's were asking me how my system sounded so good, and yet was a "budget" system (lots and lots of Behringer and Nady) and I didn't have the smiley face but rather what looked to be some slightly random positions on the eq. Also, I liked to push it loud (competition control for live sound and recording industry here) and wear ear plugs.

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