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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by nosignal, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. nosignal

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    okay i havea mac powerbook g4 and i want to use it to record my band, i need lots of help i know the basics about recording i have cubase on my laptop and thats it, my problem is that i dont exactly know what i need to get in order to record live instruments and so on, for example i have a mic and i put it up to my amp but the sound i want out of my amp is the volume sensitive distortion tone which my amp can get when set to the right volume so i set my amp to the right volume, plug my mic into my laptop and very soon find out its too loud so i think about it for a bit and then have the idea to use my behringer pmx 2000 to lower the volume between the mic and my laptop so i use it and it works very well but the mixer produces a very audible buzz in the recording, so my question is can somebody please help me becuase i was going to record drums with the mixer but now that its not working i have no idea what i need to get for my rig to work or anything, if anyone could help i would very very much appriciate it. thank you
  2. jpietila

    jpietila Guest

    Did you already try to turn down the gain on your behringer?

  3. jpietila

    jpietila Guest

    Oops, there seems to be no gain pot in pmx2000? Push down the 25dB pad..

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