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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by zperaldrummerz, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. i've started slowly setting up a "basement studio", as of right now my set up consists of:

    -My computer
    -yamaha mg16/4 mixer
    -a mic from like walmart(actually isn't too bad)
    -nady cm90
    -and various amps that spend time at my house due to this is also my bads practice space(I play drums)

    first of all, i was wondering if a power conditioner would help with emlinating some of that horribling huming that ruins recordings.\

    also, what else would you suggest me getting, to improve my setup, with out putting a whole in my pocket because i'm only 15 still and don't exactly have a job.

    i was thinking on getting a few sm57s and 58s , along with one of those 5 piece samson drum mic kits. i've also heard that event has some nice studio monitors for their price.

    thanks alot
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  2. Spookym15

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    The humming could be a bad ground I am not too good with electronics. If you are looking for some cheap things I would get this:

    2 sm 57
    1-2 sm 58 for vocals on live shows for your band and for back up vocals
    1 AT2020 I hear they are great and the are only 99 bucks a large diaphram condensor .
    1 PG drum mic kit from shure. Comes with 2 PG-81, 3 PG-56, and 1 pg-52. They sound pretty good.

    Its not the best sounding things by any means but they sound good and they are fairly inexpensive. I like the PG Drum kit for shows because they can take a beating and still sound good.

    Events make a good monitor and so do Alesis makes the M12k or something like that they are powered for 350 I think. Also you need to decied if you want power monitors or unpowered monitors, unpowered you need to get an amp to I would go with powered events I have the Alesis's and they sound okay. Try to make your basement as acousticly sound as you can, go cheap hang blankets and get foam from wal-mart.
  3. voxandvolt

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    the humming could also be bad cables. also try moving things around, something might be picking up signals from things next to it. but cables are much more important than you think, and can improve your sound quality by 50 percent in some cases.
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