I need some help buying cymbals

Discussion in 'Rides / Cymbals' started by EroticPoetry, Oct 23, 2004.

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  1. EroticPoetry

    EroticPoetry Guest

    My first set of cymbals are getting pretty worn out, so I'm looking to buy some new ones. The ones I'm using now are Zildjian ZBTs(basically bottom of the line) I'm looking to spend about $400 on a new set of cymbals, and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I'm looking for just a basic set really...a crash or two, a ride, and high-hats. My kind of music requires me to hit hard occasionally, so it would be nice if they were durable. I'll also be doing some brushwork though.
  2. imloggedin

    imloggedin Guest

    zildjian A and K models sound very good but are very pricey. i see ALOT of people using K custom cymbals. And after you hit one you should know why.
  3. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    New Jersey (right outside the Big Apple!)
    Home Page:
    I don't know where in California you live, but you should check out someplace that specializes in drum equipment. Over in NYC, there are places like Professional Percussion. If you live near LA or SF there's a good possibility that there's an equivalent place over there.
  4. sproll

    sproll Active Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    Hey there,

    My name is Tom and I've been drumming for almost 15 years now. I have tried many brands of cymbals, and I would have to say my favorites are Sabians. I used to be a die-hard Zildjian fan, but after I was able to do a tour of the Sabian factory in my home province of New Brunswick (where all the Sabian cymbals are made) they really impressed me.

    Not only do they make most of the cymbals by hand, but when the 2 Zildjian brothers split (that's right, it was a family biz and a guy named Zildjian runs the Sabian factory. hehe) Sabian bought the factory and hired all the Zildjian workers that had been there for 20 years. In contrast, Zildjian had to go out and hire a lot of people off the street who didnt have nearly as much experience in making cymbals as the old workers did, if at all.

    Now, the sound is really the thing that gets you. In my opinion, Sabian cymbals are a better product and sound better too. But don't take my word on it, go to their website which is the best around! You can listen to sound clips of every cymbal they make! How's that for interactive.

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