I Need to buy a computer but not sure which... help

Discussion in 'Computing' started by cridom, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. cridom

    cridom Guest

    Im on my second year of sound engineering and i want to get either a laptop or a desktop for mainly recording.(I play some games too but not that important)

    my budget is $3000 and i wanna get the best possible i dont mind apple or pc because i could get used to both but im not sure if to go laptop or desktop as my first recording oriented computer, help me out.
    I sometimes do some work for post editing comercial etc so i move around
    maybe i need an external HD too well you guys are the pros hehehe

    also a good sound card to go with it would be nice , my budget for all is around 4000 so 3 for the comp and 1 for the sound card
  2. MadTiger3000

    MadTiger3000 Active Member

    Nov 16, 2004
    The mobility a laptop provides costs, and do you really need that mobility, and are you willing to pay the premium for it? You get more computing power for your dollar with a desktop (even more still if you put it together yourself), so that is something to consider.
  3. HansAm

    HansAm Active Member

    Jun 4, 2005
    $3000 Is alot of money!. I could put together a KILLER computer even if i buy it here in Norway for that amount of money. Including a kick ass sound card.

    Talking of desktop/stationary of course.

    I don't really like laptops, The price for the mobility is to high. How much do you really move around?
  4. Gib

    Gib Active Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    Home Page:
    With Laptops the only way to use a PCI recording interface is to have a high priced docking station. Otherwise your stuck with firewire or usb recording interfaces. Therefore a desktop will give you more options. Personally I use a Mac G5 and a 12 sp rack with a Motu HD 192 interface amongnst other gear and preamps. I actually take this on the road for multitrack location recording w/o problems. Its rather compact, but the G5 is heavy. I dont mind though, i got used to hauling stuff on the road from my earlier band days playing drums. Hope this helps?
  5. HansAm

    HansAm Active Member

    Jun 4, 2005
    I have 11ms latency with 8 channels driven on my FIREWIRE MOTU 8pre. Desktop computer.

    VERY satisfied.
  6. cridom

    cridom Guest

    thakns for the reply

    ok so if I were to get a desktop which atributes should it have?
    ram HD Proccesor etc... i live in chile and i could build one easily, i could also get a mac which one would u recomend? also which card to go with it?
    i want something that will last me at least 4 years b4 starting to upgrade
  7. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    If you buy Mac. Nothing Less than a Dual 2GHz G5 Minimum of 4 Gigs of ram. You might be able to pick one up for $1200.

    If you build a PC, you could easily spen $500 on the cpu alone.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 $350.
    4 Gigs OCZ RAM $180
    2 x 500Gig HD $380
    ASUS P5W DH Deluxe $220

    So many choices. Build within your budget and make it work.
  8. cridom

    cridom Guest

    i dont think i could find a Mac that cheap here. Im from CHile and Mac is like 25% more expensive and very few used ones so a mac like that would cost me alone around 3500 dollars. but if its better than a pc i can make the effort.
    I have no idea how macs are since ive never had any and my only experience is at the university so i dont know. i think i could get a killer pc with the same cash but will it be better than 2x core duos?
  9. cridom

    cridom Guest

    OK heres what i came up with in my mind.

    proc Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 $384
    8gb 4x2GB DDR2 667 MHZ (KVR667D2N5/2G)
    PPMEKIN0124 $688
    2xHITACHI 500GB/7200 SATAII 3GB/S 16MB BUFFER $328
    ASUS P5W DH Deluxe $152
    and a video card i have nvidia gforce 6800gt

    so that would be around 1600 dollars not bad at all, but i was wondering id quad cores are better like the q6600 or even the extreme ones and also should i think of 800mhz ram or just 667 is fine?
    what do u think? will this be good compared to that mac book u proposed b4?
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