I never seem to accomplish anything!! Why!?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by fjell_strom, Jun 9, 2005.

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    I saw this subject line as the title for a thread on a KVR forum and it really struck a chord with me! It quickly became a thread afire that many forum readers could relate to. It was great finding out I wasn't the only one!

    You might appreciate a quick look at it yourselves! :)

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  2. That is a pretty good read...

    ..."endlessly listening to a looped section with minute parameter tweaks for hours and hours"

    Ouch...I can identify with that.
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    how i do things. most of the time its guitar tone, drums are usually fine in one go (EQ, some ER to beef it up, move on).

    lot of times i would start around 10PM, next thing i know im driving in my car listening to my mix at 8AM, thinking 'crap i got work in 3 hours'.

    it killed my ears, but at least my mixing is sounding a lot better. only thing ive really accomplished from it is outgrowing gear. after a while of garageband i found out i couldnt do any more with it, moved up to logic express. then i needed a shure 57 beta for miking. then i needed a new amp for tone. now i need a better amp for tone and a better interface. it just never ends, but ive learned how to make the most out of what i do have and why its important to get what i dont have when i can get it.
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    It just hits you squarely between the eyes, doesn't it? :cry:

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